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Mick Jagger | 1985 She’s The Boss Promo Posters

My encounter with the Stones frontman isn't as entertaining as the one my wife had.


“It looks like a Third World dictator press conference!” cracked Mick Jagger as I plunked down my Sony tape deck amid the dozens of microphones and recorders strewn on the table in front of him. I laughed, called him ‘Generalissimo’ and gave him a salute in response, and took my seat. It was 2004, and we were in a New York hotel ballroom where he and Dave Stewart were holding a press conference to discuss their soundtrack album for Jude Law’s remake of Alfie. Naturally, after a few token questions about the album, talk soon turned to The Rolling Stones, who hadn’t released an album since 1997’s Bridges to Babylon. Mick admitted that he and Keith Richards had begun writing songs again, which was big news — and ended up being the point of a national story I wrote for the next day’s editions. All of that has absolutely nothing to do with these posters from Jagger’s 1985 solo debut She’s The Boss — I’ve got both a large poster of the album cover (below) and the generic Jagger poster above (the shot was also used on the cover of the Lucky in Love single). I wish I had a Mick story to go with this album, but aside from seeing the Stones live a few times, that 2004 presser was my only interaction with Jagger. My wife actually had a better encounter: Once when we were staying at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Mick got on the elevator with her. They exchanged hellos (my wife used to be an entertainment reporter too and and doesn’t get starstruck) and the elevator continued downward. When the doors opened on another floor, however, the woman standing there was understandably gobsmacked to see Mick Freaking Jagger on the elevator, and proceeded to spend the rest of the now-uncomfortable ride openly staring at him with her jaw agape. I suspect Jagger didn’t even notice; it’s basically the story of his life. Anyway, I like that anecdote better than mine. Though I will say my elevator ride with Salman Rushdie might just top it. Ask me about it sometime. Meanwhile, if you’d like to buy one or both of these excellent posters of Sir Mick, email me and I’m sure we can work out something.