nasmore | Adrenaline Storm: Exclusive Single Premiere

The Canadian producer and his crew deliver a potent hybrid of pop, rock & hip-hop.

nasmore battles calamity and chaos in his fight for a brighter future on his genre-jumping new single and video Adrenaline Storm — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The Saskatchewan singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s latest in a string of singles, Adrenaline Storm toggles between genres, fearlessly fusing pop, rock and hip-hop. Similarly, the lyrics navigate the sea of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that the pandemic has stirred up in society as a whole and all of us as individuals, opening the door for conversation, healing and change. “Gotta keep surviving — it’s our only option,” the track proclaims, underlining the song’s central message: You are not alone. We are all in this together, and unity is the key to moving everything forward.

To aid and abet his own progress, nasmore has once again enlisted the talents of singer Cris Hodges and rapper Beaux. The former guested on his earlier single Say Goodbye, while the latter appeared on the track Blast Wall. Here, they join forces in an edgy, wildly melodic combination that blends Hodges’ rich tones, Beaux’s hip-hop consciousness and nasmore’s hard-hitting, versatile production. The result: A bold hybrid that is powerfully relevant, highly relatable and 100% real.

Venting the frustrations and despair of the time, the talented trio confidently tackle our current global crisis with conviction, power and panache. As the track shifts fluidly through its dynamic landscape, the ride mirrors and echoes the ups and downs of the past two years, moving from angst and depression to hope and optimism. Leading by example and illuminating the pathway forward, the unbreakable collaboration on Adrenaline Storm offers audible confirmation that we can stand up to conquer this crisis, or any crisis, united.

It’s an ambitious flex for an artist who chose to turn his dreams into reality only a year ago. Like countless others, nasmore grew up immersed in music while teaching himself to write and play his own songs. With an adventurous spirit, a natural skillset, and the courage to experiment, he developed an authentic taste for diversity that he infused into his own unique process.

Throughout the course of his groundbreaking year, he released a series of singles, including Black Dress Tango and NDDP Fire Theme. As he continued to morph, shape, and refine his talent, nasmore reached out across the Internet to recruit Hodges and Beaux, and began the collaborative process that soon became an essential part of his creative realm. Surging into his prime with cutting-edge material aimed at the mind, body, and soul, he is ready to go where his music takes him.

Check out Adrenaline Storm above, hear more from nasmore below, and connect with him at his website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.