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Full Throttle | Sh!tshow: Exclusive Premiere

The London pop-punk power trio are caught in a vicious cycle in their latest single.

Full Throttle can’t face another day of life’s Sh!tshow in their explosive new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A raging, rampaging, razor-sharp shard of pure pop-punk straight from the glory days of Green Day and Gilman Street, Sh!tshow boasts all the buzzsaw guitars, double-time drums, nimble bass work and powerhouse vocals the genre demands — while its grimly introspective lyrics capture the claustrophobia, isolation and self-loathing that come with being stuck in a self-destructive cycle that’s going nowhere fast:

“Wake up in the morning
Sat up in my bed
Everything was spinning
There were voices in my head
The sunlight through the curtains did nothing but hurt my eyes …
All I do is sabotage but I don’t know who I am.”

Full Throttle, by contrast, have their feet firmly on the ground. The young power trio have quickly gained notoriety in and around their London, Ont., hometown over the last few months. They’ve won a Forest City London Music Award, will be opening for Finger 11 and I Mother Earth this fall, and have released the acclaimed tunes Friday Night and Summertime. Drawing on influences such as Blink-182, Green Day and Teenage Bottle Rocket while adding their own sound and sensibility to the mix, Full Throttle have their eyes on the prize.

Check out Sh!tshow above and below, and follow Full Throttle on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.