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Sonic Descent Hit Mach 10

The Southern California space-punks chase a UFO in their latest high-flying single.


Sonic Descent surf to Mach 10 with their spaced-out new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the Southern California space-punk outfit’s upcoming debut album Full Throttle, Mach 10 follows a fighter pilot who crashes his $165 million F-22 Raptor while chasing UFOs. Propelled by rocketing tom-toms, fuelled by twangy afterburner guitars and topped with jargon-laced vocals straight from the cockpit, Mach 10 blasts instantly to cruising altitude and never looks back. If The Ramones and Devo joined forces on the soundtrack to a sci-fi reimagining of Top Gun, it might sound a little like this.

Of course, that level of high-flying, high-concept creativity is no surprise from Sonic Descent mastermind Jeff Thill. A veteran musician of the prominent Southern California scene, he’s been active since the ’80s. With Sonic Descent, his highly skilled musicianship factors, production value and artistic merit come to the forefront in a way that showcases his talent effectively.

As an avid fan of science fiction, Thill’s passion for space-themed concepts play a vital role in the authentic signature sound that this album encompasses. Utilizing a dynamic writing and production style that can be described with terms like space punk and conspirapop, Thill creates tracks that are refreshingly versatile, incorporating rock styles from the ’80s, ’90s and mid-2000s while adding his own original and distinctive flair. Thill’s musical sensibilities are largely influenced by everyone from Devo, The Buzzcocks and The Ramones to The Church and A Flock of Seagulls, with dashes of The English Beat, Dick Dale and more thrown in for good measure.

Listen to Mach 10 above, hear more from Sonic Descent below, and surf over to their website, Twitter and Instagram.