Indie Roundup | 48 Ways To Supersize Your Wednesday

Crank up the latest cuts from TV Priest, Art Bergmann, Steve Poltz & plenty more.

TV Priest are through to the next round, Art Bergmann and Wayne Kramer kick out the jams, Steve Poltz has the cure for quarantine, Bombino stages a return, Black Country, New Road enter the Science Fair and more in a massive Midweek Roundup. Thank you sir; may I have another?



1 | TV Priest | Decoration

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “London post-punk quartet TV Priest release their debut album Uppers on Feb. 5. In celebration of this news, they’ve shared lead single Decoration. Its opening and closing line (“I’ve never seen a dog do what that dog does”) is a misremembered quote by Simon Cowell about a performing dog on Britain’s Got Talent. Frontman Charlie Drinkwater says, “We often said it in the studio as a kind of in-joke when someone did something good or unexpected. Having already toyed around with the ‘Through to the next round’ line,’ this seemed too good to leave out.” And the chorus “It’s all just decoration” is credited to the two-year old niece of Alex’s fiancé, who reassured him after he pretended to be scared by Halloween decorations.”

2 | Art Bergmann | Christo Fascists (ft. Wayne Kramer)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Juno winner Art Bergmann hooks up with The MC5’s Wayne Kramer to drop the single and video Christo Fascists as an election-year salvo. Christo Fascists is a poignant photograph of a society teetering on the brink of collapse after following a well documented path of institutional racism and economic plunder. Crafted in response to the daily drumming of cruelty mettled out by those who hold the reins, it exposes the daily lies for what they are. Seething with anger, the song is splattered with distortion and heaves with the knowledge of the pain that individuals currently face each day. The intensity of Art’s vocal, bridges perfectly with Wayne’s stabby and punctuated lead guitar.”

3 | Steve Poltz | Quarantine Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Cult hero Steve Poltz outdoes himself with Quarantine Blues, a sprawling, many-versed litany of pretty much every single Covid experience you’ve gone through — think Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues gone bonkers. Poltz has released a new cartoon video by Argentine artist Ivan Casis Jr. In it, Poltz rhymes “coronavirus” with “Miley Cyrus” and does a little poorly planned manscaping. He goes on to proclaim his love for Dr. Fauci and contemplates buying a gun, then settles for a man bun. “[Ivan’s] work spoke to me. Just like drugs used to speak to me,” Poltz explains. “His work said, ‘I’m the one! Use me! You need me! We both like the color pink!’ ”

4 | Bombino | Timtar

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bombino shares Timtar, the latest single from his forthcoming album Live In Amsterdam. Set for release on Nov. 27, the album showcases Bombino’s rich musical palette, as he and his internationally renowned band seamlessly blend folk, rock, blues, funk, and most uniquely the Tuareggae sub-genre which Bombino and his band pioneered. In addition to his regular band, this performance features special guests and Bombino’s cousins, Nigerian singer/actress Toulou Kiki as well as Anana Harouna of Kel Assouf.”

5 | Black Country, New Road | Science Fair

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Black Country, New Road will release their debut album For The First Time on Feb. 5. Today they share the track Science Fair. Minimalist and foreboding, Science Fair opens around their rhythm section, precise percussion and bass locking in to allow a residual build from the rest of the band, viola and sax loop and layer over fits and squalls from dual guitars, a synth break and an ever-anxious narrative laid down by Isaac Wood. Climbing towards his desperate exclamation of “It’s black country out there!”, the song caves in on itself during a blistering, caustic final breakdown.”

6 | Andy Mineo | Always in a Rush (ft. Mez)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Atlanta’s Andy Mineo released his last single Always in a Rush (ft. Mez), from his EP Happy Thoughts out Nov. 18. Mineo offers, “I’ve always had this nagging feeling that I am not doing enough, which has made me a workaholic. I feel like I am in a race against time to reach all of my goals, dreams, aspirations and I need to justify how I spend every minute to do that. It makes it hard for me to even relax or just enjoy things. Always in a rush is my way of telling that story.”

7 | Child Bite & Black Tusk | Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit punk/metal unit Child Bite team up with Georgia sludge metallers Black Tusk for a collaborative quarantine cover of Prong’s 1994 classic Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck. Notes vocalist Shawn Knight: “When the Tusk fellas hit us up about a lighthearted, low-stakes, long-distance collab, it sounded like just the right project to help us dip our toes back into being a band. And it was! Hopefully our take on this undeniable ’90s banger brings a smile to a few faces today.”

8 | The Mastersons | Sensitive Souls

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, the musical and real-life duo known as The Mastersons, are sharing their video for their new single Sensitive Souls. It comes from their EP Red, White & I Love You Too, a collection of songs released in anticipation of the presidential election. “In a lot of ways, Sensitive Souls captures what many of us have felt over the last four years under this  administration,” says Whitmore. “Anyone with a moral compass is certainly feeling ‘every bump in the road’ during these turbulent times. Let’s vote for love, kindness, empathy and say no to four more  years of hatred and division.”

9 | Dirty Sound Magnet | Live Alert (Power Groove Session)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dirty Sound Magnet have released the whole A-side of their upcoming live album Live Alert as the Power Groove Session. The four songs included in it focus on the more classic rock vibe of the band while the B-side Black Magic Session focuses on their psychedelic and progressive side. Both sessions were recorded live in one take in the band’s home studio, where they also filmed both sessions while recording the album. These are live versions of the song, sometimes completely different than the studio versions.”


10 | Eyes | Voiceswhispersecretsandspeakonlytruths

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Denmark’s twisted hardcore mongers Eyes released their debut Underperformer in September, scorching everything in earshot with their unique fusion of punk and metallic hardcore, leaving no soul unstirred. They filmed three Underperformer songs in their rehearsal space in Copenhagen, beginning with Voiceswhispersecretsandspeakonlytruths. Vocalist Victor Kaas offers, “We were hesitant to do a live session — everyone and their mother does one these days (for obvious reasons). In the end we decided to do one, since it’s the only way we can showcase our live sound outside of Denmark at the moment.”

11 | Benny The Butcher’s Black Soprano Family | Grams in the Water

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Benny The Butcher’s Black Soprano Family release a new video for Grams in the Water. The dark visual was directed by The Wizard and features Rick Hyde, Loveboat Luciano, Benny The Butcher, Dwayne Collins and Heem. The track is featured on the most recent project Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents: Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos, released this summer.”

12 | Juletta + Ishan | Airborne

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “R&B artists Juletta + Ishan unveil their beautiful new video for Airborne. Partly inspired by her grandmother & filmed in an abandoned hotel, it’s from their new collaborative album If I Never Hit Land. The project was built by real stories Juletta collected from 30 women she interviewed over the past two years in New York City.”

13 | Shygirl | Slime

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Shygirl will release her forthcoming EP Alias on Nov. 20 First comes the new single Slime. It comes alongside a lyric video starring Shy’s closest friends, including Sega Bodega, Arca, SOPHIE, Mowalola, Ms Carrie Stacks and more. The track plays with a narrative flip between two energies as they enter the club — one the cocky misogynist the other being a boss bitch — the twist being they are one and the same.”

14 | Edwin Raphael | Mild Sanity (ft. Juletta)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “You can’t win if you don’t play” is a quote that lives within singer-songwriter Edwin Raphael. Ditching a career path carved out by his father, Edwin is headstrong on finding his own way in a world no longer concerned with archaic traditions. The 25-year-old artist, living in Montreal, uprooted from Dubai, creates music instilled with spiraling emotion, which resonates on both the shattered and enriching moments in life. Today, he shares his new single Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta). Edwin shares: “As with every new day, the earth revolves the same, you live things a little like yesterday, you leave a little space for the hopes of something riveting but it’s rare. But every so often you stumble upon that day where everything is nothing like you knew before. You see colors you’ve never seen before; you stare at the same ceiling but it gives you an entire cosmos today.”

15 | Nari | Pony

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Narisa Khamvanthong (aka Nari) was born and raised in the Bay Area and enjoyed the music scene there but never thought she’d get into music herself. As she started getting more familiar with artists in her community, she finally decided to pick up the guitar and write her own songs. Nari’s latest offering Pony was inspired by heartbreak, and was the first song she ever wrote. “I never thought I’d release it,” she admits. “It didn’t even have any music put to it! It wasn’t until my ex boyfriend made a backhanded comment saying ‘Maybe I’ll hear it on the radio someday.’ I got so upset and angry that I continued to pursue music and eventually learned how to produce and put music to these songs I had been writing.”

16 | Mars Red Sky | Hollow King

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Bordeaux psychedelic rockers Mars Red Sky unveil their bold new live video for Hollow King — recorded a few hours before their latest show in Dijon, France. The track is taken from their new album The Task Eternal. Hollow King highlights the band’s unique sounding, propelled by a pachydermic rhythm section, ethereal vocals, enthralling riffs and meaningful lyrics. “Hypnotic”, “massive”, “charismatic”, “psychedelic” are some of the words used to define the prolific trio’s sound, floating atop the stoner rock constellation and ’70s psych pop nebula.”

17 | Sick Of It All | Hardcore Horseshoe

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “While everybody is missing live shows, New York City hardcore legends Sick Of It All have a quick fix available: Live clips straight in their living rooms! After releasing songs from their rich back catalogue, it’s time for a more recent track taken from their latest album Wake The Sleeping Dragon: Hardcore Horseshoe. The band comment: “The muscle-bound riffs and tongue-in-cheek lyrics show the parities of growing older in the scene and male pattern baldness brought to you by Armand and definitely a band favorite on the album. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to play it live (yet) because as we were about to add it Covid hit. So here it is in all its quarantine glory!”

18 | Death Dealer | Running With The Wolves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The band Death Dealer — led by Ross The Boss — have issued Running with the Wolves as a preview of their third record Conquered Lands, to be released Nov. 13. Says Ross: “Conquered Lands has a lot of heavy fast stuff on it but this song really has a rocking vibe and great energy. It is one of my personal favorites on our new record.”

19 | Erasure | Fallen Angel

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Erasure (Andy Bell and Vince Clarke) have launched a new video, evoking the spirit of Halloween with a spooky short for Fallen Angel. Starring Heidi N Closet (star of Season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she was crowned Miss Congeniality) and model Alexa Abraxas, the video was directed by Brad Hammer. The new video appears ahead of a new 12” and CD box set due Dec. 4.”

20 | Petit Biscuit | Burnin

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “French producer, composer, and songwriter Petit Biscuit continues to build anticipation toward his Parachute LP, out this Friday. The newest taste is a bittersweet romp called Burnin, with ultra-compelling visuals to match. Petit Biscuit explains his newest “is a very sensual song. After starting it in L.A. with Chrome Sparks, it’s one I went back to and worked on a lot during isolation … it’s about ambiguity between two friends with benefits. One fell in love and the other one is playing with that ambiguity. Something that happens when you’re very young and innocent and don’t know better.”

21 | Rhye | Black Rain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Rhye, the project of Toronto-born, L.A.-based musician Michael Milosh, will drop his album Home on Jan. 22. First, he shares lead single/video, Black Rain. A skittering movement within Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade served as inspiration for Black Rain’s almost ballet-esque and very Russian-sounding string arrangements — and to imbue the song with a classic rock quality, he tracked the drums with a ’50s era three-piece Ludwig kit. “It has this ’80s version of disco, like the way Quincy Jones was interpreting disco.”

22 | Ricky | Escape Artist

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “San Diego musician Ricky (late name: Schmidt) — bassist of Western Settings and Hey, Chels — has announced the Nov. 13 release of his debut solo album Palm Trees. Of the first single Escape Artist, Ricky says, “This song is about needing to step away from the world and allow yourself time away from everything. We all need breaks and especially during a time like the one we are currently all in.”

23 | Suss | Winter Light

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New York City’s Suss are sharing their new single Winter Light, from their upcoming LP Promise. Member Bob Holmes provides insight to the track and accompanying video: “There is a sense of home, suburban Middle America, and a ’70s lifestyle that all of the members of Suss grew up in. The music and images have a conflicting sense of hope and doubt, themes that run throughout the creation of Promise. As we all head into what promises to be a challenging winter, we hope Winter Light provides a small ray of hope.”

24 | Keith Mosfet | Lakeshore Bus

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Keith Mosfet is the definition of an artist. Using inspiration from impressionist oil paintings and combining his background in electronic engineering, Keith took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole of his 2019 album Superficial Hypocrite, his 2020 EP Breathe and now, his latest, EP3. On his new single Lakeshore Bus, Keith continues to showcase his songwriting, creative and engineering skills, and shares his softer side. The single eludes to the small moments people may have while riding on public transport. The human side to a chaotic world.”

25 | Reternity | We Were The Gods

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Last September, Swabian melodic death metallers Reternity released their sophomore album A Test of Shadows. Now it’s time for a new video for the track We Were The Gods, which was recorded during a nine-hour marathon in the woods from South Germany.”

26 | Mihi NIhil | I Eat You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.’s Mihi Nihil (mee-kee nee-keel) present their new single and video I Eat You, from the band’s self-titled debut album due out in early 2021. The manic and playful burst of I Eat You carries a spirit of 1977 punk music. The song echoes the late Nobuhiko Obayashi with its mix of humor, horror and fantasy. Although presented in an antic manner, the lyrics point to a consumer culture. The video, with the help of director Colin H. Clark and friends at Tony Hawk, Inc., pays homage to skate culture and the bands favorite art films.”

27 | Invading Chapel | Forsaken Place

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “France’s gothic/dark metal unit Invading Chapel present a new video for the song Forsaken Place, which is taken from their latest album Ghostly Rock Season. Forsaken Place was produced by Loïc Malassagne (vocals, bass, guitars & keyboards) at Pleine Lune Studio except for drums by Jim D, and mastering by Pierre Houllier at Roots Notes Studio. The album is available on Bandcamp.”

28 | Rad Horror | Everybody But Myself

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. band Rad Horror write songs about introspection with mass appeal. They leverage the unflinching honesty of the voice inside our heads to craft heartbreaking songs that go down easy thanks to smooth, often upbeat production. New single Everybody But Myself is the perfect example. The band’s Dylan Jackson Scott says “Everybody But Myself creates an inner dialogue with one’s self about the realization you’ve given everything you have to people in your life, and yet they yearn and beg for more. It sometimes takes a bit of time to learn how much and for how long you’ve been taken advantage of, whether in love and caring or in monetary and material objects.”

29 | Yore | Open Lights (ft. Milan Monk)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The lovely Yore just released another track from his debut self-titled album out on Dec. 4. The twinkly, almost euphoric Open Lights is a collaborative effort between Milan Monk’s tranquil vocals and acoustic guitar with piano, resulting in uplifting yet desolate bedroom pop with a distinctive twist.”

30 | Moira Smiley & Seamus Egan | Days Of War (ft. Sam Amidon)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I’ve just released my new single Days Of War with alt-folk hero Sam Amidon and Irish music legend Seamus Egan. This is a song about now. Written in response to ongoing, violent displays of white supremacy across the United States, Days Of War asks how we can go on … singing, making things, making art and truly listening to each other. It is a tender plea in this tumultuous moment.”

31 | Leaves’ Eyes | War Of Kings

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leaves’ Eyes’ new album The Last Viking is out now. Their latest track War Of Kings has just been released. With their cult albums Vinland Saga (2005) and King of Kings (2015), they already turned Leif Erikssons’ discovery of America and the life of Norway’s first king into music. Now, Leaves’ Eyes bring the Viking Sagas to their bombastic finale.”

32 | Moğollar | Anatolian Sun

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Legendary Turkish psych innovators Moğollar grace the Artone Studios in Haarlem for a masterclass in the original Anadolu psych roots, cutting a compendium of their rawest hits and most-wanted psychedelic rock classics. Anatolian Sun Part 1 & Part 2 mark a stunning career overview session by Moğollar, their first new recordings for over a decade and the seventh instalment in Night Dreamer’s direct-to-disc series.”

33 | Storm Force | Breathe (ft. Serena Pryne)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Storm Force release the video for Breathe, featuring Serena Pryne. Singer Patrick Gagliardi says: “When writing Breathe, I wanted to approach the subject of depression and how having a solid support system (in this case, a lover) can bring you out of the funk. I also always liked the term Breathe as in relax and just breathe. After the lyrics were written, Greg brought up the idea of making it a duet. This idea fit perfectly with the song lyrically. He suggested Serena Pryne and we all agreed. I love the way her and my voice sound similar, and really mesh well together.”

34 | The Spirit League | Scare Easy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “What happens when four high-profile touring instrumentalists are suddenly unable to tour anymore due to an unforeseen global pandemic? The answer is perhaps more simple than one may think: make more music and art. Enter The Spirit League, an extremely talented quartet of professional touring musicians that have performed on stages with Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, SYML, Jordan Davis and more. “When all our tour dates and gigs got cancelled, instead of sulking, we saw an opportunity to focus on creating new art and facing our deepest fears of the unknown. The technology and knowledge is there to make a super cool and cohesive music video without a huge budget and we’re super proud of how it turned out and feel like it’s perfect timing and tone with this Halloween season,” said producer and drummer Cameron Brousseau.”

35 | Gunship | Eleanor Rigby

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Covering iconic artists like The Beatles is not something any artist should take lightly, or in many cases, attempt. Synthwave artists Gunship have not only risen to the challenge, they’ve done the legendary classic Eleanor Rigby justice. “Eleanor Rigby really is a sad and extremely poignant song, dealing with issues of disillusionment, loneliness, and isolation in society,” says Dan Haigh. “‘Look at all the lonely people’ is a lyric that has stuck with us forever. We wondered about a modern day Eleanor Rigby, and what it would be like if a character like her was alive today and experiencing 2020.”

36 | Common | Say Peace (ft. Black Thought)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Common announces the release of his new project A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1, out Friday. Our first taste of the project comes with the new single Say Peace. This shape-shifting sonic shuffle finds Common trading bars with Black Thought and PJ, as the music mirrors the illusory search for peace that we all pursue. On the new song, Common simply says: “I found my peace, my peace through making these albums.”

37 | Chastity | Drain the Bloodbath

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Whitby native Chastity, real name Brandon Williams, shares the powerful anthem Drain the Bloodbath, about dying for a better life ahead. Optimism and hope lie at the heart of the lighter-than-air, melodic pop-rock song, imagining that the destructive and turbulent political reality of 2020 will soon improve. Williams says, “My pal has been telling me that this is the end of a bad era, not the beginning of one. I love that. Hoping for some positive change, hoping that the world is able to drain this bloodbath.”

38 | Will Kimbrough | The Late Great John Prine Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Blindsided along with the rest of the world by the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, veteran Americana songwriter Will Kimbrough documented this unprecedented moment in history with a new solo acoustic record, Spring Break, released Oct. 23. Created in the documentary-oriented and storytelling tradition of Folkways and Vanguard, Spring Break crystallizes in musical form a period in time that touched and changed the entire globe. The title comes simply from Spring 2020 — or as Kimbrough puts it, “When the world broke, and we all took a break.” Today he shares The Late Great John Prine Blues.”

39 | Jordan Reyes | As The Sun Dips

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jordan Reyes is sharing a new single, As The Sun Dips, off his upcoming album Sand Like Stardust. It’s a stark departure from Jordan’s far more abstract electronic music, showing us a far more vulnerable, intimate side of his work. This song is especially emblematic of the new direction.”

40 | Knut | Shine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leftovers by Swiss noise legends Knut is about to be released on vinyl. The album was originally released in 1997 on the band’s own label. The album has been remastered and the artwork has been revamped. Check out the track Shine.”

41 | Valencia James | All The Waves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New York-born, Sydney-bred dark-pop artist Valencia James makes music for those in need. All The Waves was written amidst all the chaos, with Valencia bringing a brave and hopeful sound, reminding us that the hardest of times can actually bring out the best in us. Valencia confides, “All The Waves takes inspiration from a really long, hard season I was going through that lasted really up until now and it’s become even more relevant with everything going on in 2020. It’s my way of comparing my fear of the waves to how I feel about the situations in my life and the hits that I’ve taken being likened to a succession of waves breaking over me.”

42 | Slowly Building Weapons | Foal To Mare

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Slowly Building Weapons are a trio from Australia and Japan. Following their 2017 record Sunbirds, Slowly Building Weapons are back with their new album Echos. About the first single Foal To Mare, the band notes: “This is a place we haven’t been before. It started off a simple melody on keys, then we started building it up from there. At one point it stalled and we nearly let the song go … but then Craig added a bass line straight from the disco gods, and it all fell together from there. The end result is kinda like a standard rock single but with a lot going on under the surface. Lyrically this song is about drawing from a long line of ancestors you don’t know, and tapping into their traits to survive.”

43 | Sabrewulf | Grave Of Pestilence

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “El Paso foursome Sabrewulf will unleash their album Mala Suerte on mankind on Nov. 6. This is the second single: Grave Of Pestilence. From start to finish, Mala Suerte is a trip through the barren Texas desert that leaves you gasping for air while your skin gets burnt to a crisp by the punishing rays of the sun. The harshness, the brutality, the feeling of abandonment all blended together in ten furious blasts of anger and despair. Mala Suerte is the soundtrack to these modern times where covid19, chaos and oppressive governments all seem to want to breakdown the common man. It is the hall in which we all slowly creep towards our death trapped, like grey mice, in a maze called life.”

44 | King Mala | Homebody

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:King Mala is the moniker of El Paso-born, L.A.-based alternative soul artist Areli Castro. Homebody is some of Castro’s most honest work to date, with the songwriter not openly admitting her feelings and not trying to disguise who she is at heart. She confides, “This song is about my social anxiety and how much I really just want to be home like … all of the time. I’ve struggled for a long time feeling like I belonged and trying to be comfortable with myself. I truly always feel awkward and dorky and misplaced at every party I’m invited to, and the more I talked to people about it, the more I’ve realized most people feel the exact same way as I do.”

45 | Piqsiq | Arctic Hallows

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Piqsiq (pronounced “pilk-silk”) are back with Taaqtuq Ubluriaq: Dark Star, a tale told to a classic Piqsiq soundscape. Piqsiq guide listeners through the haunting story of Ubluriaq, a young woman who stretches the confines of her humanity through a strange encounter with The Beyond. Comprised of four story tracks and three song tracks, Piqsiq’s newest album is a welcome addition to their library of innovative and genre-breaking works rooted in traditional Inuit throat singing. Taaqtuq Ubluriaq: Dark Star will be available Friday.”

46 | Seba Kaapstad | I’m Scared (ft. Oddisee)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multinational quartet Seba Kaapstad debuted their new song I’m Scared with Sudanese/American rapper Oddisee. Singer Zoe Modiga says the new single is “a record that looks into the vulnerability of sharing the things we most fear. It is a song that humanizes us and though fear is a low frequency emotion, it can be acknowledged for one to work towards a better emotion.” Oddisee joins the jazz ensemble for a piece that reaches towards something essential and human — a way for us to examine ourselves & become better. The new Seba Kaapstad album Konke will be out Nov. 13.”

47 | Her Name In A Cemetery | Photographs Of Myself And The Phantom

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle-based atmospheric/depressive lo-fi black metal project Her Name In A Cemetery will release Demo MMXX on Dec. 4. Her Name In A Cemetery’s sole recording member — known only as H — remains largely anonymous and reclusive. The three tracks comprising the offering were composed and produced in a deep depressive state brought on by great change, familial loss, and psychological deterioration. Vocals were recorded on a particular “dark night of the soul” during this time. One hopes that all the death, loss, paranoia, and mistrust felt during this period transfers properly onto tape, and perhaps those suffering similarly will find something here to connect with.”

48 | Charlie Kaplan | The Light of the Day

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New York musician and singer-songwriter Charlie Kaplan has released The Light of the Day, the third and final single to be shared ahead of his debut album Sunday, out Nov. 13. The Light of the Day is a straightahead classic rocker that theorizes the concept of “taking it.” Kaplan explains, “I’ve always thought that ‘taking it’ is a funny term to use, because it can mean ‘going with the flow’ or ‘enduring a hardship.’ ” The track is an implicit Stones and Springsteen tribute; a send-up of satisfying pop song refrains. “It’s about how false life can feel when you’re grieving, and how normal things can seem meaningless and absurd.”

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