Dany Horovitz Would Like to Know if You’re Free Tonight


Dany Horovitz soothes the soul with a touching tale of true romance on his delightfully charming single and lyric video Free Tonight — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written in Montreal when he was a 19-year-old literary student, Free Tonight is one of Horovitz’s earliest and most enduring songs — an unapologetically romantic track intended to convey a simple message best summed up by the man himself: “It is better to keep one truly great person than chase after all the world.”

The sweet innocence in the lyrics brings us back to another time when finding a genuine human connection was less complex. Free Tonight recounts a love story that embraces the romantic implications of being emotionally defenceless “with someone who accepts you for who you are, finding comfort and safety through intimacy and vulnerability. It’s the feeling of freedom.”

It’s also the latest single from the Toronto folksinger’s debut album Free Times, a disc that finds him drawing on his literary inspirations and personal experience to deliver music with meaningful messages that are easily transmissible across social boundaries. As Horovitz puts it, the album “is a carefully curated collection of stories about love, loss, and life.” Driving Horovitz’s eloquently told stories are his clever instrumentation and robust compositional style — a familiar-yet-fresh mix of strummy guitars, fluttering mandolins, and impeccably crafted horn lines.

Born in Montreal, Horovitz is no stranger to the music scene; his grandfather owned a record store, exposing Horovitz early and often to the music of legends and heroes like Leonard Cohen and Barenaked Ladies. “Anyone who graduates from McGill with an aspiration to be a songwriter is forever chasing Leonard Cohen,” Horovitz says, citing Cohen as his biggest lyrical inspiration. “No one’s complaining about it, mind you. Everyone’s chasing somebody, so may so you may as chase the best that ever was.”

Free Times has seen radio play across Canada, the U.K., Germany, the U.S., the Netherlands, Australia, and more. Check out Free Tonight above, sample the album below, and spend some time with Dany Horovitz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.