JSJ Has Gone Insane From The Pain

‘Gone is a sonic roller coaster that hurls you up and down as love battles hatred.’

JSJ loses his mind over a cheating lover in his soulfully heartfelt new R&B single and video Gone — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This song is my ‘Cruella has entered the chat’ moment,” JSJ (Joshua Säde James) reveals. “It’s the Gemini’s lament to love. Gone is a sonic roller coaster that hurls you up and down as love battles hatred.

“When I was writing this song, specifically the bridge, I remember thinking how hard and sassy the rest of the song was. I turned to producer Anthony Wright and said, ‘I need an Adele bridge. I gotta show range in more than just my voice. I think I need a piano breakdown.’ Almost instantly I had the melody in my head and, less than five seconds after humming it, Anthony pulled out this beautiful piano part that just fit. Next thing you know, I’m singing a nodes-y low Eb feeling like Beyoncé, telling people I’m putting my ‘freakum vest’ on. This song was one of the most cathartic and empowering pieces I’ve recorded to date. Never have I ever felt like more of a bad b****.”

Arriving complete with an equally stunning visual component, the track evens the score between partners in a relationship gone sour, with JSJ and his powerhouse vocals at the helm of the sinking ship.

“It sat on my laptop as this minute demo for almost a year before I brought it to Anthony,” JSJ says. “He took my little dinky basement demo and made it a fierce f u track that made me believe in myself again. It allowed me to embrace and truly experience my darkness in a different way. This time, when it consumed me, I controlled it for once.”

A Sheridan College graduate armed with a degree in musical theatre performance, JSJ has set out to carve his own path and find his own voice in his musical journey. The son of renowned Canadian country artist Jamie Warren, JSJ was born into a world built on the foundation of song, melody, and performance. Since childhood, JSJ was aware he was born to be an artist, and his roster of releases are setting swift precedence for an extraordinary career ahead.

Watch Gone above, check out more of JSJ’s music below, and find him at his website, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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