Fresh Breath Reminisce About When They First Met

The married singer-songwriters pull out their photo album in their latest release.


Fresh Breath stroll down memory lane with their romantically autobiographical new single and video When We First Met — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest single off of Fresh Breath’s dazzling EP How Did I Get Here, When We First Met is just one highlight of the six-track set, which displays the influence of artists from The Allman Brothers Band to Alanis Morissette.

The single came together as a regular love song at first, but was quickly repurposed to tell the true story of how this married musical duo met. The idea dawned on singer-songwriter Katie Pascoe as she was listening to Paul Simon one day; she began to hum the melody into her voice-memo app and decided it was the perfect song for the origin story of her and her husband and bandmate Josh Pascoe.

When We First Met was recorded under the direction of producer Brett Humber in Kingsville, Ont., at Sound Foundry Studios. The song’s release is accompanied by a video that features Katie reminiscing and recalling the good times over the years while flipping through a photo album in their home. Refined pop guitars and a catchy percussive rhythm create a harmonic backbone that complements the story of emotional discovery conveyed in the lyrics.

Katie and Josh Pascoe were not far out of high school when they began dating. Not long after they started playing music and honing their craft together, eventually forming Fresh Breath. They recently became semi-finalists at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards 2022 for the song World Gone Crazy.

Watch When We First Met above, check out How Did I Get Here below, and get Fresh Breath at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.