The Royaies Bid A Poetic Farewell To Love: Thus With A Kiss I Die

The Toronto family band blend sounds and styles into a bittersweet romantic ode.


The Royaies mourn a romantic loss with stylish sophistication on their new single and lyric video Thus With A Kiss I Die — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With a bittersweet mix of delicate Latin guitar, a driving hip-hop beat and melodic pop vocals, Thus With A Kiss I Die — the title cut from the Toronto band’s newly minted EP — takes the listener on a journey through heartache and regrettable desires.

“We blended electro-esque beats, soft R&B vocal textures, and soft rap,” says Elijah Royaie. “Each verse paints a picture of desire and wants — all contradicted by misery, a sense of loss, and a dark sense of regret. The mood of the song is a resemblance to a sense of misdirected love or a sense of ill-fated beliefs. This mood is cast within a thematic background of black and gold when I imagine the colour of the music.”

Fluidly blending genres into immersive and ever-expansive new soundscapes is a signature skill for The Royaies, a group of wildly versatile and multi-talented musicians comprised of four family members — Shyon Royaie, Elijah Royaie, Axel Klain and Alvin the Poet.

The EP Thus With A Kiss I Die also features Enough For You and Stay Away. The three-song offering is the followup to the quartet’s acclaimed genre-bending debut single Princesa. Watch the lyric video for Thus With A Kiss I Die above, sample the EP below, and find The Royaies at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.