Miss Lia Unleashes Her Inner Animal Type

The Toronto pop singer-songwriter is on the prowl in her seductive new track.


Miss Lia is on the hunt for dangerous game in her new single Animal Type — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With rich, velvety vocals stalking her prey through an audio jungle of passion and playfulness, the Toronto singer-songwriter’s latest track captures the carnal charge of setting your sights on your romantic prey.

Written in Miss Lia’s unique fashion — a confident, inspired and spontaneous brand of lyricism — the song’s origins are rooted in the pop-R&B artist’s penchant for emotionally driven fare that draws equally on past experiences and in-the-moment feelings.

“For Animal Type, I was getting ready to go out, and started feeling … confident and sexy, like an empowered woman,” she recalls. “The vibe just came to me. I was watching myself in the mirror and started singing the melody of the intro. I came up with the first verse and chorus at that moment, and left them unchanged.”

Listen to Animal Type above, hear more from Miss Lia below, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.