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Next Week in Music | Oct. 18-24 • The Long List: 450+ Releases On The Way

All the music heading to your playlist in the coming days — and plenty more besides.

Next week brings us International Sloth Day, Count Your Buttons Day (whatever the hell that is), CAPS LOCK DAY, Mole Day and, of course, Bologna Day. More to the point, it also brings us more than new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and tapes. Look like somebody’s not observing Sloth Day.



Abbreviations | ABBV
Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim & The Times At Hand Orchestra | Harlem
Adeline Hotel | The Cherries Are Speaking
Agnes | Magic Still Exists
Alabama Shakes | Sound & Color Deluxe
Al1ce | As Above
Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela | Rejoice Special Edition
Allman Brothers Band | Bear’s Sonic Journals: Fillmore East, February 1970 Pink Vinyl
Amaunet | While I’m Living EP
The Amplifier Heads | SaturnalienS
Android Trio | Other Worlds
Angel Du$t | Yak: A Collection Of Truck Songs
Anyma | Humans EP
Apparition | Feel
Jann Arden | Jann Arden On Stage!
Tenille Arts | Girl to Girl
Asthma & Młody | Manifest
Ataris | Anywhere But Here Reissue
Atlas | Ukko
Avdagata | Damnatio Cursus
Aya | Im Hole
Bagful Of Beez | Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles
Ka Baird & Pekka Airaksinen | FRKWYS Vol. 17: Hungry Shells
Jocelyn Barth | Tell Him I Said Hello
Alex Beaupain | Love On The Beat
Bedouine | Waysides
Belaver | Lain Prone
The Belltowers | Magnetic
Beo String Quartet | Ghosts Revisited
Besta | As Sessões Do Sounds Like Us: Em Direto do Brasil
Between Oceans | Renaissance
BIA | For Certain Deluxe
Biffy Clyro | The Myth Of The Happily Ever After
Big D And The Kids Table | Do Your Art
Big Electric Cat | Dreams Of A Mad King
Big Zuu | Navigate
Bktherula | Love Black EP
Black Country Communion | BCCIV Glow in The Dark Vinyl Reissue
Blackfold | Solarus
Black Francis | Black Francis: 07-11
Black Marble | Fast Idol
Black Sites | Untrue
Blackwater Holylight | Silence​/​Motion
Norman Blake | Day By Day
Bloodred Hourglass | Your Highness
The Brazen Youth | Changing EP
Brigaden | Tjocka Stenen
Bugle | Toxicity
Bullet For My Valentine | Bullet For My Valentine
Burning Point | Arsonist Of The Soul
Katie Callahan | The Water Comes Back
Call Super | Cherry Drops Pt 2 EP
Lomond Campbell | Lup
Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel | When The Time Is Right
The Canines | Guapo EP
Can’t Swim | Change Of Plans
Dillon Carmichael | Son of A
Catalyst Crime | Catalyst Crime
Claudia Combs Carty | Phases
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | B-Sides & Rarities Part II
Chameleo | Ecdise
Melanie Charles | Y’All Don’t (Really) Care About Black Women
Charm of Finches | Wonderful Oblivion
Kristin Chenoweth | Happiness is…Christmas!
Chris Church | Backwards Compatible Reissue
Chris Church | Limitations Of Source Tape
Chris Church | The SpyderPop Albums
Circa Survive | A Dream About Love EP
Circuit des Yeux | -io
TheCityIsOurs | Coma
Civic TV | Black Moon
CL | Alpha
Clinic | Fantasy Island
Clockwise On Fire | Clockwise On Fire
Cognos | Cognos
John Coltrane | Crescent Vinyl Reissue
John Coltrane | Live at the Village Vanguard Vinyl Reissue
Combat Beach | I Never Asked To Be Here Single
Come | Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Reissue
Constellation Myths | Everything And Time
The Convenience | Accelerator
Conway the Machine | God Don’t Make Mistakes
ConzOner No Mean City
Étienne Coppée | Et On Pleurera Ensemble
Cradle Of Filth | Existence Is Futile
Cuffed Up | Asymmetry EP
cumgirl8 | RIPcumgirl8
Braison Cyrus | Javelina
Dasom x Violeta |
Chico Da Tina | Nós Pimba
Dead or Alive | Fan the Flame, Pt. 2 (The Resurrection)
Death Blooms | Life Is Pain
Jessie James Decker | The Woman I’ve Become
Decouplr | Recouplr: Digital Bonfire Remixed
Deerhoof | Actually, You Can
Deimler | A Thousand Suns
Emmanuel de la Paix | Rescue Pack
Nick Delffs | Childhood Pastimes EP
Lana Del Rey | Blue Banisters
Demarco | Melody
Alexandre Desplat | The French Dispatch Soundtrack
Dinner | Dream Work
Djedjotronic | The Great Red Spot
Don Broco | Amazing Things
Don’t Grow Old / Burr | Split EP
Dooms Children | Dooms Children
Draconicon | Dark Side of Magic
Dream_Mega | minus_world
Dream Theater | A View From The Top Of The World
The Drifters | We Gotta Sing! The Soul Years 1962-1971
Dummy | Mandatory Enjoyment
Wendi Dunlap | Looking for Buildings
Duran Duran | Future Past
Duski | Pillow Talk Sessions 1
Duumu | After You
Dvbbs | Sleep
Dwight + Nicole | Further EP
East Forest | In: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner, Vol. II
Ger Eaton | Three by Ger Eaton
Echo & The Bunnymen | Crocodiles Vinyl Reissue
Echo & The Bunnymen | Heaven Up Here Vinyl Reissue
Echo & The Bunnymen | Ocean Rain Vinyl Reissue
Echo & The Bunnymen | Porcupine Vinyl Reissue
Tristan Eckerson | Iris Arco EP
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 | Yn Rio
Elwd | This Place
Em | Dear Life
Ember Sun | On Earth and Heaven
Empty | Made Of Fire
Endure The Affliction | Evolve EP
Enola | Inner Ruins
Ensemble Intercontemporain / Matthias Pintscher | Nemeton
Brett Eldredge | Mr. Christmas
Eutropic | Dark Age Day Dream Deluxe Edition
Every Time I Die | Radical
Evil Spell | Padre Vostro
The Exbats | Now Where Were We
Eyelids | Eyelids Dubble Live
Fathom Farewell | Kraken EP
Felly | Young Fel 2
Fermion | Hysteresis
Creed Fisher | Whiskey and the Dog
Flora Cash | Our Generation
Sonny Fodera | Wide Awake
Sue Foley | Pinky’s Blues
ForeignWolf | Your Weapons, Your Words EP
John Forté | Vessels, Angels & Ancestors
Fox Oak | Trolsk Earth
Foyer Red | Zigzag Wombat
Frank y Sus Inquietos | Frank y Sus Inquietos
Freeloader | Freeloader II
The Fretless | Open House
The F16s | Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?
Fuel | Ånomåly
Furze | Black Psych Tormentor
Gabrielle | Kilpp Meg I Ti Og Lim Meg Samen
Nubya Garcia | Source + We Move Remixed
Alice Gas | Hardcore Heaven
Ghoul | Live In The Flesh
Golden Donna | The Damage Has Been Done EP
Good Morning | Barnyard
Good Posture | Changin’ EP
Aaron Goodvi | Lucky Stars EP
Jaki Graham | 35th Anniversary Collection
Jacques Greene | Anth01
Gordan | Down in the Meadow
Green Lung | Black Harvest
Grouper | Shade
Guided By Voices | It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them!
Hand Habits | Fun House
Hand Of Kalliach | Samhainn
Lebanon Hanover & Ellen Allien | Lebanon Hanover / Ellen Allien Remixes
Pierre Hantaï | Händel / Scarlatti
X Harlow | Cathars
Dave Hause | Blood Harmony
Hawthonn | Earth Mirror
Hawthorne Heights | The Rain Just Follows Me Vinyl
Mazey Haze | Always Dancing EP
Helgrind | Insurrection
Herbert | Musca
Hex A.D. | Funeral Tango for Gods & Men
Hexenbrett | Intermezzo Dei Quattro Coltelli Nudi
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | All Grown Up
Chris Hillman | Time Between Audiobook
The Home Current | Vodka Parade
The Home Team | Slow Boom
The Honeyrunners | Everything Is On Fire
Honne | Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?
Keith Hudson | Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood Reissue
Leslie Hunt | Descend EP
Abby Huston | Ah Ha
Iam | Troisième Vague
Iameve | Archetype EP
Ibukun Sunday | The Last Wave EP
Gijs Idema | Shaping Time
Ignea | Bestia
Ihsahn | The Hyperborean Collection MMVI–MMXXI
Illenium | Fallen Embers Deluxe Edition
In Crucem Agere | Calling The Void
Insight | Chapter I: Before the Trial
In The Whale | Vanishing Point
James Ivy | Good Grief!
Jackson+Sellers | Breaking Point
Jaffna | Odyssey
Jaguwar | Gold
Jeen | Dog Bite
Elton John | The Lockdown Sessions
Ian Jones | Evergreens EP
Majid Jordan | Wildest Dreams
Cong Josie | Cong!
Kalma | Millennium Hero
Okay Kaya | The Incompatible Okay Kaya
Kaye | Distant Dancefloor
Keg | Assembly EP
Kidz Bop Kids | Kidz Bop 2022
DJ Killa-Jewel | Sagittarius EP
Carole King and James Taylor | Live at the Troubadour Vinyl Reissue
Kingdom | History of Kingdom: Part III – Ivan
Kira | Kira
Raja Kirik | Rampokan
Klae | Stomp Out Hate, Love, Repeat EP
Knife | Knife
Davy Knowles | What Happens Next
Kraus | View No Country
Maxo Kream | Weight Of The World
KTheChosen | + Vice
Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang | Dixie Fever Reissue
Bakithi Kumalo | What You Hear Is What You See
Kylesa | Time Will Fuse Its Worth Reissue
Kylesa | To Walk a Middle Course Reissue
Lady A | What a Song Can Do
Leaether Strip | Æppreciation V
Matt LaJoie | Red Resonant Earth
Lake Mary, Drew Danburry & Zweiton | You Say Love
Howie Lee | Birdy Island Remixes
Léon | Soaked
Ryan LeVine | Good Things To Remember EP
Don Lifted | 325i
Light By The Sea | Only Death Makes Icons
The Lighthouse And the Whaler | Talk
Liily | TV Or Not TV
Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος/ Antonis Livieratos | Registry of Inadequate Self​-​healing Attempts
Livløs | And Then There Were None
Ian Lockwood | Not Like Other Girls EP
Lone | Always Inside Your Head
Lonely Guest | Lonely Guest
Parker Longbough | Off Front Street
Long Story Longer | Long Story Longer
The Long War | Under A Heavy Sky
Loose Buttons | What’s On Outside
Lost Tuesday Society | Bee Skin Rug
Maika Loubté | Lucid Dreaming
Lionel Loueke | Close Your Eyes
Lowland Hum | At Home
LTTL | Watercolor
Das Lunsentrio | 69 Arten den Pubrock zu spielen
Luwten | Generations EP
La Luz | La Luz
Dirk Maassen | Re:Visions
Aksak Maboul | Redrawn Figures 1
Aksak Maboul | Redrawn Figures 2
The Mam’selles | It’s A Bubble Gum World
Massacre | Resurgence
Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters | Jubilee
Mazzarella / Håker Flaten / Ra | What You Seek is Seeking You
Mildred Maude | Sleepover
Mega Ran | Live ’95
Mess Esque | Mess Esque
Mild Mild Country | Never Had a Touch to Lose
Minor Moon | Tethers B Sides: A Better Joke b/w Some Revival
Moonroof | Dream State
Γιώργος Μπότης / Χρίστος Λάσκαρης | Ταξιδεύεις Ακόμα
ModernFolkRevolution | ModernFolkRevolution
Monocled Man | Ex-Voto
Roy Montgomery | Rhymes of Chance
Moon Kissed | I’d Like To Tell You Something Important
Morgxn | Meridian: Vol. 2 EP
Loig Morin | Automne
Moyka | The Revelations Of Love
Ms. Banks | Bank Statement
M Section | 3 Bangers
My Morning Jacket | My Morning Jacket
N∆BOU | You Know
Nälkä | Flesh Envelops The Sun
Namid | DFD
Near Tears | Get With the Program EP
Neckscars / American Thrills / Tired Radio / Nightmares For A Week | 4 Band Split EP
Necrofier | Prophecies of Eternal Darkness
Helado Negro | Far In
Nestor | Kids In A Ghost Town
Neutral Snap | Tell Me How I Feel
NorthSideBenji | The Extravagant Collection
Olivia Newton-John | Physical Deluxe Edition
Niko | Electric Union
1914 | Where Fear and Weapons Meet
Ninja Sex Party | Level Up
Nova Express | Twenty One
Obeka | Move Like So EP
Okay Kaya | The Incompatible Okay Kaya
Orange Spiny Crab | Unmeasurable
The O’Reillys and The Paddyhats | In Strange Waters
Orquesta Akokán | 16 Rayos
Oscar And The Wolf | The Shimmer
Ouri | Frame of a Fauna
파란노을 Parannoul / Asian Glow / Sonhos Tomam Conta | Downfall of the Neon Youth
Parquet Courts | Sympathy for Life
The Parrots | Dos
Jessica Pavone | Lull
Peel | Peel
The Peggies | The Garden
Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi | Palimpsests
People Without Shoes | This Green Thing Of Ours
Pepe Deluxé | Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1
Phantom Fire | The Best of Beelzebub
Phew | New Decade
Phish | LivePhish 10.17.21
Phish | LivePhish 10.19.21
Phish | LivePhish 10.20.21
Phish | LivePhish 10.22.21
Phish | LivePhish 10.23.21
Phish | LivePhish 10.24.21
Pictish Trail | Natural Successor
The Pineapple Thief | Nothing but the Truth
The Pink Diamond Revue | The Fuzz Guitar
Pink Milk | Ultraviolet
Pistol Annies | Hell of a Holiday
Lena Platonos | Balancers
Pleine Lvne | Heavy Heart
Poetica | Poetica
Pouya | Blood Was Never Thick As Water
Powerman 5000 | Copies, Clones & Replicants
Power Supply | In The Time Of The Sabre-Tooth Tiger
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) | I Dreamed of Electric Sheep/Ho Sognato Pecore Lettriche
Primal Scream | Live At Levitation
Private Agenda | A Mannequin
Quantic & Nidia Góngora | Almas Conectadas
Ragingplanet | Murro: Misantropo
Andrea Ramolo | Quarantine Dream
Ravenous | Hubris
Red Dirt Skinners | Bear With Us
David Reina | Future Technosignature
The Replacements | Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Jason Ricci and Joe Krown | City Country City
The Right Here | Northern Town
Ritt Momney | Sunny Boy
Andrew Rivers | For The Wrong Reasons
The Rolling Stones | Tattoo You 40th Anniversary Edition
Ross From Friends | Tread
The RT’s | The RT’s
Rüfüs Du Sol | Surrender
Running Wild | Blood On Blood
Said The Whale | Dandelion
Sassy 009 | Heart Ego
Danielle Eva Schwob | Out of the Tunnel Deluxe Edition
Scousesenbluen | Blutens A Wool
J.A. Seazer | Nuhikun: Directions to Servants OST Vinyl Reissue
Secret Night Gang | Secret Night Gang
Seims | Four
Self Esteem | Prioritise Pleasure
Sentinels (NJ) | Collapse by Design
Sepultura | Sepulnation: The Studio Albums
Amon Sethis | Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair
Elena Setien | Unfamiliar Minds
Seventeen | Attacca EP
SexMag | Sex Metal
Shadowland | The Necromancer’s Castle
She/Beast | Violent Tendencies
Maya Shenfeld | In Free Fall
Siamese | Home
Rory Simmons (Monocled Man) | Ex Voto
Simply Red | Simply Red Remixed Collection Vol. 1 (1985-2000)
SixForty1 | Started Right Here
Sixx:A.M. | Sixx.A.M. HIts
Skanners | Greatest Hits
Skinny Lister | A Matter Of Life & Love
Slayer | Haunting the Chapel Reissue
Slayer | Hell Awaits Reissue
Slayer | Live Undead Reissue
Slayer | Show No Mercy Reissue
Slow Crush | Hush
Snotty Nose Rez Kids | Life After
Sóley | Mother Melancholia
The Sonic Overlords | Last Days of Babylon
Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita | Suba
Read Southall Band | For The Birds
Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim | Ease & Ooze
Dave Specter | Six String Soul, 30 Years on Delmark
Spiritualized | Let It Come Down Reissue
Spirit Was | Heaven’s Just a Cloud
Starlight Assembly | Starlight And Still Air
Starset | Horizons
Mia Stegner | Apples to Oranges, Dust to Dust
Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot | Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul
Erik Strauss | I Am Sure I Am Happy
Sulphurous | The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
Rigby Summer | Geography
Super American | Sup
Superchunk | Here’s to Shutting Up 20th Anniversary Edition
Surf | Archangel
Koike Takashi | Sabage
Hope Tala | Tiptoeing
Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore | Of Process and Progression
Tamarisk | Suspended Animation
Tarmat | Out Of The Blue
Ben Tatar and the Tatar Tots | Seconds
The Technicolors | Cinema Sublimina
Tee Dee Dees | 1^2=1
That Kid | Comedown
Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions | Thollem / Hafez Modirzadeh
Thollem’s Astral Traveling Sessions | Thollem Solo
Rob Thomas | Something About Christmas Time
Thor Kissing | Marijn
347aidan | Chasing Harmony
Tip Top | Chansons D’Ennui Tip-Top
Together Pangea | Dye
Tonstartssbandht | Petunia
Trace Mountains | House Of Confusion
Tricky | Lonely Guest
U.D.O. | Game Over
Ultra Q | Get Yourself A Friend
Keith Urban | Crimson Blue
UZ | Trinity Deluxe Edition
Vader | Blitzkrieg In Texas: Live 2005
Vanishing | 55°N, 5°E
Various Artists | Box of Pin-Ups: The British Sounds of 1965
Various Artists | Chimhyangmoo 침향무 [OSC005]
Various Artists | The French Dispatch Soundtrack
Various Artists | Having a Bad Time​.​.​. Wish You Were Here
Various Artists | Reggae Business
Various Artists | 10 Years Of Acid Test
Venus Syndrome | Cannibal Star
Donnie Vie | The Donnie Vie Collection
Vintage Pistol | Energy: A Remedy for Roadlessness
Violet Mist | Ultraviolence
Voctave | The Spirit of the Season: Deluxe Edition
Voka Gentle | Writhing!
Jeremy Voltz | Weekender
Waking the Cadaver | Authority Through Intimidation
Wale | Folarin II
Fetty Wap | The Butterfly Effect
Wax Mekanix / Troll Teeth | Blunt Split EP
Mimi Webb | Seven Shades Of Heartbreak
Werewolf Hair | Werewolf Hair
Wet | Letter Blue
When The Deadbolt Breaks | As Hope Valley Burns Eulogy
White Plains | White Plains: The Collection
The White Stripes | White Blood Cells Vinyl Reissue
Wild Freedom | Polarize
Wild Front | Drowning In The Light
Sam Wilkes | One Theme & Subsequent Improvisation
Zachary Williams | Dirty Camaro
Winterhawk | Dog Soldier Reissue
Winterhawk | Electric Warriors Reissue
Wooze | Get Me To A Nunnery EP
Worm | Foreverglade
Wye Oak | Civilian 10th Anniversary Edition
Wye Oak | Cut All the Wires: 2009–2011
Daphne X | The Plumb Sutra
Xeno & Oaklander | Vi/deo
Years After | Years After
Brett Young | Brett Young & Friends Sing The Christmas Classics
Yullola | Priestess
The Zephyr Bones | Neon Body
Hans Zimmer | The Art and Soul of Dune
Zornheym | The Zornheim Sleep Experiment