Macaroni Birthday Serve Dessert First

The new children's music duo whet your appetite for their upcoming debut album.


Macaroni Birthday know that kids of all ages want Dessert First, so that’s exactly what they deliver in their sweetly satisfying new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Friends for two decades, singers-songwriters Patrick McCormack and Eric Warner are the fresh, upbeat duo behind Macaroni Birthday. The pair fuse their love of rock with the hilarity of children’s music in a combination that’s bound to endear parents as it entertains kids.

Due this month, their debut album Macaroni Birthday Time is bursting with light-hearted melodies, silly themes and even sillier lyrics. A record you can press play on and let roll, the album is filled with tunes that are quick, fun, catchy, and short, ranging from a mere 30 seconds and never topping three minutes. Macaroni Birthday understand their assignment: Create catchy ditties that kids will love and won’t get bored of. From Meatball Sundae to Going To The Zoo, Macaroni Birthday create a supersonic soundtrack to a party where parents and kids sing, laugh and dance together.

“Whether it’s tackling the (not so) age-old conundrum of which to eat first — your salad or dessert — trying to escape the dreaded bath time or learning to feel confident with yourself, Macaroni Birthday delivers positive messaging wrapped in a delicious and humorous rock ’n’ roll form for young viewers,” the pair say.

Watch Dessert First above, listen to the track below, and join the Macaroni Birthday party at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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