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L.M.I. | Excess Subconscious

These Pennsylvania stoner-punk weirdoes deliver the best of both worlds.

Hardcore toner-punk? Believe it or not, that’s how these Pennsylvania weirdoes describe their hybrid sound. And it’s a pretty fair interpretation of their double-barrelled approach: One minute they’re all about the Cookie Monster-vocals and ruggedly muscular riffs, and the next minute they’re shrieking like banshees and making with the thrashy, trashy guitar licks. By all rights, it should fall apart faster than a thrift-store suit. But give them credit: Somehow, they make both halves of their split-personality style fit together far more smoothly and seamlessly that you anticipate. Oh, and BTW, L.M.I. apparently stands for Lazy Middle-class Intellectuals, after a Bad Religion lyric. I don’t know whether they personify the last words in that name, but they sure don’t seem to deserve the first one.

THE PRESS RELEASE:LMI are a dark hardcore / stoner punk trio from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. They blend the angular dissonance of Drive Like Jehu and the off-kilter energy of early Mastodon with heavy punk riffs akin to Poison Idea if they were potheads instead of drunks. LMI explore the cavernous recesses of the mind on Excess Subconscious with a series of menacing shrieks and snarls, bleak introspective lyrics, and an overall eerie atmosphere.”