Indie Roundup (No-Frills Edition) | 49 Songs To Get You Started This Tuesday (Part 1)

You'll have to do your own research on these tracks. But trust me, it will be worth it.


Cleopatrick get the van a-rockin’, The Pleasure Dome paint you a picture, Holiday Ghosts are in crisis mode, Odd Circus are a maniac, maniac — and after the crazy day I’ve had, I can understand. When I finished up all my other work at 4:30 p.m., I had two choices: Spend a few more hours rewriting and editing more than 40 press releases to put together your Tuesday Roundup, or just get the music into your hands and let you do your own research via Google. I went for option 2. Hope you’re OK with that. After you check out some of these winners, I suspect you will be:


1 | Cleopatrick | Family Van

2 | The Pleasure Dome | Pretty Picture

3 | Holiday Ghosts | Total Crisis

4 | Odd Circus | Maniac

5 | Trialogos | Stroh zu Gold

6-11 | Big Thief | Live At The Bunker Studio

12 | Dennis DeYoung | The Last Guitar Hero (ft. Tom Morello)

13 | KNTC | The Arrival

14 | Oscar Lang | Are You Happy?

15 | Trevor Bricker | In Trouble (Remix)

16 | Audrey Nuna | Blossom