Blinker The Star | Some Are Lakes: Exclusive Premiere

The Canadian indie-rock vet shares the first preview of his upcoming covers set.

Blinker The Star polish up a vintage indie-rock nugget with the new single Some Are Lakes — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

For Blinker’s first release since November’s Juvenile Universe album, musical multi-tasker Jordon Zadorozny stylishly converts Land Of Talk’s scrappy 2008 single — written and recorded by Montreal’s Elizabeth Powell for her Justin Vernon-produced album of the same name — into a yearning, slow-burning piano ballad straight from the singer-songwriter ’70s. And there’s plenty more where that came from — the inspired track also happens to be the first single from Zadorozny’s upcoming covers album Arista, due June 25.

“After messing around with a few covers earlier in the year, I happened to watch the Clive Davis doc that came out a few years ago,” he explains. “I was struck by this unlikely pop guru, and the next day in the shower I imagined Clive signing me to a record deal with Arista, with the stipulation being that he got to choose the songs, not me. Santana style. So the Clive Davis of my imagination is the A&R person behind this album. Clive said no to my ideas of recording Genesis and Killing Joke tracks, but he did like my version of Some Are Lakes, the only real indie song on the album. Other artists covered on Arista include Whitney Houston, ZZ Top, Madonna, Solange, Boz Scaggs and Eurythmics.”

As with all Blinker releases, Arista was recorded by Zadorozny at his Skylark Park Studio in Pembroke, Ont. “I operate mainly as a one-person band in the studio at this point, bringing in friends to add colour and texture on certain tracks, but for the most part I start and end things alone,” he says. When not recording material for Blinker the Star albums, Jordon has worked with Courtney Love, Chris Cornell, Sam Roberts, Ken Andrews of Failure and Mandy Moore, among others.

Check out Some Are Lakes above, hear more from Blinker The Star below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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