JP Maurice Is An Unstoppable Force

The Vancouver popster's optimism prevails in his romantic new single.


JP Maurice continues to gain momentum with his romantic single Unstoppable — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In a world of formulaic fare, the Vancouver singer-songwriter breaks the mold with his riveting redefinition of pop: Unstoppable features gorgeous synths, emotional background cello, a fluidly flowing groove and, most importantly, catchy and captivating lyrics. “Its sounds like a premonition, but no one could have imagined what was coming in the year 2020,” he reflects. “But through it all, I have forged ahead with an album that is impossibly optimistic.”

Defining himself as an independent pop musician meant he was behind the wheel of his own destiny — as well as his creative entity. Listening to Maurice’s album Pressure Makes Diamonds makes this entertainingly obvious. Recorded with veteran Ted Gowans (The Rentals, Tegan and Sara, Kesha), the newly minted 10-track LP is one of Maurice’s most personal endeavours to date.

Check out Unstoppable above, listen to Pressure Makes Diamonds below, and find JP Maurice at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.