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Albums Of The Week: The Vintage Caravan | Monuments

The Reykjavik power trio continue to channel the proggy guitar heroics of the ’70s.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Virtuosic ’70s rock guitar ruminations encounter an irrefutable mixture of astonishing modern elements and classic psychedelic / progressive rock trademarks as Icelandic frontrunners The Vintage Caravan return with their fifth studio album Monuments.

On 11 diverse tracks, these young bloods from Reykjavik truly cast a spell on fans of bewitching, guitar-driven classic and blues rock influences. The album opener, Whispers, clearly showcases the band’s musical progression without sacrificing their tried-and-true, retro-inspired sonic trademark. Crystalized convinces with light blues influences, encircling the listener in enchanting guitar lines and quickly rising to the full extent of its power while evoking anecdotes of retro nostalgia.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind takes its listener on a blistering ride through pounding drums, intense guitar solos and an undeniably catchy chorus, while tracks like This One’s For You represent a stunning blueprint in The Vintage Caravan’s musical universe with unconventional, surprisingly calm melodies and Óskar’s gripping, tranquil vocal power. In contrast, bold drumming merges with fast-paced riffs, enveloping an impressive galloping vortex and pronouncing tracks like Dark Times and Said and Done as top notch rock pieces. The soft plugging, atmospheric sound of album closer Clarity symbolizes the crowning culmination of a 60-minute journey through the eternal landscapes of Iceland and the poetic lyricism of the trio.

With their new studio album Monuments and its captivating, stellar arrangements, these rising stars definitely know how to put their very own stamp on the retro-rock wave.”

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