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Now Hear This: Master Danse | Feelin Dead

Compiled from a pair of restored live recordings nearly 50 years ago, the short-lived & long-forgotten ’70s Detroit power trio's LP makes you wish they has stuck around.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Master Danse was formed in late 1973 in Detroit, when drummer Tom Riss and bassist Cary Fletcher — formerly of the band Licking Stick, jammed with guitarist and lead vocalist John Giaier, who had most recently played in the band Crawdad. The three musicians hit it off immediately, and a new power hard rock trio was born. In 1973, Detroit was clearly ‘Rock City,’ featuring such local icons as Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent and Mitch Ryder, and the high-energy punch of Master Danse reflected this proud heritage.

Unfortunately, this union would only last one year, and by the end of 1974, Master Danse had disbanded. What was left for posterity were only two live reel-to-reel recordings and one promo 45 single. Some 47 years later, the 45 found its way onto the Internet and a small cult following of audiophiles was born among people who appreciate the raw power and high energy of early ’70s rock. Bands like Master Danse and others from this era were riding the wave of transition from the pop rock sound of the ’60s to an edgier sound that would eventually lead to metal and punk music.

With the help of modern-day tape restoration techniques, the two live recordings were restored, and together with the 45, the best versions of the eight songs that have survived the decades are featured on this album. Although recorded live nearly half a century ago on a two-track stereo tape recorder, you can still feel the power of Giaier’s Marshall stack, Fletcher’s twin Acoustic 360 amps, and the relentless attack of Riss’s Ludwig drums. So sit back and enjoy. Rock on!”