Lorena Leigh Offers A Chill Pill With Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)

The pop singer-songwriter has the cure for what ails you in her new single & video.

Lorena Leigh soothes your headache with her single and video Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Leigh’s newest single is a song about freeing your authentic self from doubt. With lyrics about struggling in the darkness and the determination and perseverance to carry on despite what anyone thinks about you, Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me) is an encouraging message to clear away demons and assert the birthright of power that lives inside.

Leigh uses this upbeat track to convey her profound thoughts on how society isn’t ready for someone to be unapologetically themselves. “I think a person living life to the fullest can be perceived as a threat,” says Leigh. “It challenges others’ comfort zones, their judgment, the rules of how things ‘should’ be and can subconsciously reveal how a person might be in their own mental prison.”

The instrumentation paints this trippy- weightless tone that makes listeners feel like they are elevating higher through the path of light and self-discovery. The light electronic beats and rhythms heard throughout the track were a collaborative effort by Leigh, Ernesto Valenzuela (who produced, engineered and mixed) and Matias Carvajal (who mastered the track).

Leigh reminds listeners to embrace existence beyond comfort’s confines, like dancing in public, initiating conversations with strangers, laughing until tears flow despite appearances, or asserting “no” to prioritize one’s own happiness as the connecting with the essence of life. This experience transcends any substance; it’s liberation.

Leigh’s musical journey began early with her childhood kitchen special I’m Thirsty And Want Something To Drink. Influenced by artists like The Chicks and Trisha Yearwood, she expanded her musical palette across genres. In her 20s, armed with a ukulele, she immersed herself in New York City’s ambiance, blending her life experiences to create her unique genre, Cowgirl Mermaid Music, known for its storytelling lyrics, catchy hooks, and electric-pop-ukulele melodies. Leigh’s artistry has earned her acclaim. Opening for notable artists such as Stevie Nicks, Little Big Town and Kris Lager Band in 2022 further solidified her presence.

As spring is approaching, this hopeful track, laced with the darker tones of struggles brought on by introspective lyrics acted upon by past struggles, serves as a relatable reminder to focus on letting your authentic self shine. This unique and distinct sound is a reminder that we all must not judge others and ourselves so harshly and live an unwavering truth.

Watch the video for Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me) above, hear more from Lorena Leigh below, and keep up with her on her website, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.