Sonic Reducers | Life During Wartime

Artists are cancelling their Russian shows — and we have something to say about it.


War, as Edwin Starr reminded us so many years ago, is good for absolutely nothing. That’s certainly true of Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine — with the possible exception of the fact that it has united the world in condemnation.

Not surprisingly, some artists are also voicing their opposition. And it’s good to see artists like Green Day and alt-J cancelling their Russian concerts in the wake of Vladimir “I have a micropenis” Putin’s lunacy. Obviously, everybody has bigger things to worry about than music at a time like this, but it does raise the point: What responsibilities do and should artists have during international crises like this? That’s the topic du jour on Sonic Reducers. Push play to watch Eric Alper talk with me about the effect the war on Ukraine has had on music, the obligations of artists — and which classic rock song has become a rallying cry for Ukrainian freedom fighters. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.