Sunlust Play For Keeps With Grungy Action Figure

The Toronto trio's latest single is a powerful preview of their upcoming debut disc.


Sunlust brighten your day (and become your new grunge heroes in the process) with their all-powerful single Action Figure — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“It was written about small bedroom daydreams of robot action figures in the grass, blowing in the summer breeze, and dreaming of floating away to easier days,” singer-guitarist Stephanie Woulfe explained.

And she’s just getting started. Action Figure is part of a collection of songs written from her adolescent experiences growing up in the Middle of Nowhere, Ontario. Initially intended to be a five-song EP, Woulfe and bandmates Dan Wiktor (on drums) and Stefano Signorile (on bass) decided to aim higher and incorporate those songs into their upcoming debut LP Geek Confessions.

The initial five songs on the LP were engineered, mixed and produced by Lorne Hounsell, known for his work with Bedouin Soundclash and other notable Canadian indie artists. The five additional songs on the LP were recorded by Jack Wiktor at Cadence House in Toronto. From humble beginnings, Sunlust have made a bright and shiny name for themselves in the Toronto indie scene, receiving widespread acclaim for their extensive live performances and stage sharing with acts such as Ready the Prince, Zig Mentality, Frankie the Pig, Joe Cool and Barry Lyndon.

Listen to Action Figure above, hear more from Sunlust below, and keep up with them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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