The Grindhouse | Scarleth, Super Monster Party, Yesterday’s Hero & More New Loudness

If having to work on the Monday of the last week before Christmas doesn’t qualify as a grind, I don’t know what does. Which makes this the perfect time to blow off some steam with the help of the latest metal and hard rockin’ offerings to menace my inbox. Let ’er rip:


Scarleth | Коли Прийде День

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ukrainian metal juggernaut Scarleth make a triumphant return with their latest single Коли Прийде День (When the Day Comes). Following the success of their 2019 album Vortex, Scarleth continue to captivate audiences, delivering a powerful anthem of unwavering hope amidst the turmoil of war. ​Scarleth’s commitment to the transformative power of music shines through in the track, expressing a profound belief in a peaceful future. The song blends powerful melodies, intricate instrumentation, and poignant lyrics, showcasing the band’s musical prowess and dedication to meaningful themes. Renowned for a dynamic sound spanning heavy metal, power metal, and symphonic metal, Scarleth stand out as a leading force in the global scene.”

Super Monster Party | Dance Dance Revolution (Till the Death)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Everyone get ready to party with the latest single Dance Dance Revolution (Till The Death) from Florida’s Super Monster Party! Created from the vision of Rei Sega and his passion, growing up with videogames, Super Monster Party reimagines the lore of heroes and villains and presents familiar themes in imaginative, and humorous ways, of course with a metal twist. Their latest single is in response to a fan request to rework the infamous arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. The track was co-produced with Matt Laplant (Non-Point, Ellefson, Saliva) and also features saxophonist Hugo Lee and guitarist Oleh Andrievsky, who lives in Ukraine, and recorded all his parts during the war. Adds Sega: “Dance Dance Revolution (Till the Death) is the second single we released from our upcoming new EP Rage Quit, which will be released sometime in 2024. It’s a song inspired by the popular dance game of the same name. The song takes you on a journey as a player inside the game with some twists and turns.”

Yesterday’s Hero | Bounce

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After releasing their debut album Ways To Hate in November, Ohio alt-metal quintet Yesterday’s Hero are ready to get fans to Bounce. The band say: “This is one of the first riffs and like its name, it bounced. The lyrics are at the point of the break up that nothing more matters — “Your words are like mush and you say too much to me.’ It is simply time to Bounce.” Featuring seven tracks, Ways To Hate takes listeners through the emotions of a struggling bleeding heart at the end of a tumultuous relationship. Musically, it’s a fusion of high-energy grooves with timeless melodies. Ways To Hate features previous re-recorded tracks from their 2021 debut EP Killing Me, along with new songs such as What I Needed, Bounce and the title trac. The band add: “We pride ourselves on using raw gritty tube amps, no backing tracks or plug-ins. There is no need for a laptop as we intentionally step back from today’s norm. What hear on the record is what you’ll hear live, note for note.”

Hatred Reigns | Ushered By Charon

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ottawa’s Hatred Reigns are once again shaking the death metal world, this time with Awaken The Ancients, a concept album that gives nods to classical literature and death metal titans. Taking modern metal into a new realm of technical riffs, abrasive gutturals, and chest-shaking blast beats, Hatred Reigns present diverse musical influences in a deadly package that will appeal to a wide variety of headbangers. The band share the lyrical theme behind Ushered By Charon: “Awakening to a surreal reality, the protagonist finds themselves in a desolate wasteland at the water’s edge. Surrounding them are countless lost souls, adrift and purposeless. A vessel emerges on the horizon, guided by a disheveled figure at its helm — Charon, the ferrier of souls. Awaken The Ancients is designed to be a complete listening experience, guiding the audience from Realm I: Affliction through the treacherous Realm II: Affirmation.”

Onelegman | Steric Hindrance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Italian proggers Onelegman are sharing their video for the track Steric Hindrance. The band explain in their own words: “Steric Hindrance is something we have never done before. We explored electronic music with a big rock chorus. Something Depeche Mode could be proud of. In science, the steric hindrance is the force that keeps the atoms within the same molecule allowing matter and life to exist. It’s a bond impossible to break. Just like the one between lovers at the end of a relationship.” The third full-length from the trio, Event Horizon is Onelegman’s most peculiar release, following a new concept for each one of its tracks to create a mosaic with sounds, lyrics, and graphics and show the listener the direction of their journey.”

Massive Scar Era | Endorphins

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Massive Scar Era, the brainchild of visionary artist Cherine Amr, recently released their EP Metal Goes Egyptian. Known for pushing the boundaries of music and blending genres, Massive Scar Era once again captivate audiences with their unique fusion of progressive rock, post-grunge, Egyptian music and metal. They now have a video out for Endorphins. Amr explains her vision: “I want fans to feel the intensity and energy of metal while being embraced by the melodic beauty and cultural nuances of traditional Egyptian Arabic music. It’s an opportunity for them to embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and creates a unique fusion of genres. With heartfelt appreciation, I thank everyone who has made this dream come true, and I invite you all to join us on this remarkable musical journey.”