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Blu Bones Return To Let You Know She’s Got A Way With Love

The London rockers are back after 25 years with a killer new single & video.


After more than 25 years apart, Canadian pop-rockers Blu Bones have reunited to tell fans She’s Got A Way With Love in their comeback single and animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The retro-rock nugget came to be after frontman Gord Prior gave in to an endless steam of emails and social media appeals from longtime fans begging the London, Ont. crew to get back together and record something new.

“Most of us never thought of reuniting or doing anything new musically after all of these years,” Gord admits. “But because of social media, over the past decade, we’ve received so many emails from fans and friends we never knew we had — from all over the world. They’ve begged us to do something new for a long time. To reunite somehow. This song, this moment, it just felt right and the timing was perfect for everyone.”

She’s Got A Way With Love is heavily reminiscent of the esteemed band’s classic sound, with tasteful touches of early Cheap Trick and modern-day Alice Cooper. The unexpected comeback single is accompanied by a colourful animated music video created by Flikli Animation, whose CEO Rich Adkin — a die-hard Blu Bones fan since their beginnings in the early 1990 — helped animated the clip himself.

She’s Got A Way With Love was recorded and mixed by Matty Green at Studio 55 in L.A. Green has worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Paul McCartney. Blu Bones features lead vocalist Gord Prior, guitarist Boris Novosel, bassist Barry Donaghy, drummer Steve Thomas and Ray Coburn on keyboards.

Watch She’s Got A Way With Love above, hear (and buy) it on Bandcamp below, and reconnect with Blu Bones on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.