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Albums Of The Week: High Tone Son Of A Bitch | Live At The Hallowed Halls

The Bay Area psyche-metal supergroup crank out some classics live in the studio.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “When the pandemic brought an end to touring in 2020, the members of High Tone Son Of A Bitch started talking about doing something different that would blend a live performance with psychedelic multi-camera production values. They also wanted to showcase the guest collaborations that have become a benchmark of the band’s approach. In November of 2020, HTSOB headed up to Portland, Oregon to film two live sets at the legendary recording studio The Hallowed Halls.

The live performances feature HTSOB members Paul Kott (Kalas), Billy Anderson (Melvins, Men of Porn), Russ Kent (Noothgrush, Alaric), and Eric Rancourt (Clan of Dyad) along with standout guest appearances, including Bryce Shelton of Nik Turner’s Hawkwind and Acid King once again joining the band on keys, and Jake Navarra of Oakland blues doomers Phantom Hound filling in on the lead guitar throughout. Matt Pike of Sleep, High On Fire and Kalas joins the band on lead guitar and vocals doing a blistering cover of the Kalas song Monuments to Ruins, Rob Wrong of Witch Mountain and The Skull shreds a raging feedback-drenched dual lead with Jake Navarra on Silhouette, and Andrea Vidal lays down a stunning and emotionally charged vocal performance with Russ Kent on John the Baptist.

High Tone Son of a Bitch’s Live at the Hallowed Halls is a thrilling live in the studio, instant classic created under crazy circumstances and featuring standout performances from some of the brightest lights in heavy music today. Ripple Music has stepped up to make this very special can’t-miss performance.”


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