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Submission Accomplished: Bobbo Byrnes | SeaGreenNumber5

Take a listen to the latest musical gem that tumbled out of my digital mailbag.


Thanks to the inexplicable popularity of my Submit Music page, I always have a digital backlog of albums, EPs, singles and videos awaiting my perusal. Here’s another recent winner, along with the Bandcamp link so you can buy the music straight from the source. Tell ’em I sent ya. And if you’ve got something I need to hear, send it my way. If I think you’re half as good as you think you are, I just might include you next time.


Bobbo Byrnes

HOME BASE: California.
GENRE: Americana.
THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “I like to paint, well, I like to spill paint on a canvas. I like watching the colours bleed into one another and become something more, coulurs and shades that couldn’t exist on their own until brought together. SeaGreenNumber5 is a painting I did a few years ago and we recorded almost all of this album right in front of it in my living room, everyone adding their own colour, shade and texture to the music. In the past few years I’ve done a lot of house concerts and there’s something special about performing in a small room with a handful of people connecting that is a really different experience. No big amplifiers or wall of sound, just songs, stories and people. I wanted to make an album that sounded like me singing in your living room, like I’m part of your family. So here I am. Singer/songwriter dude by default. Was in other bands before but I’m still here singing and strumming. Have put out four solo album in the past four years. I’ve been on labels that have gone bankrupt. I’ve been robbed twice on tour. I’ve been in an active shooter situation. I read too much Kerouac as a youth. Listened to a lot of Westerberg, Strummer, Springsteen. Lately it’s been more Kathleen Edwards, Blue Rodeo, Rhett Miller, Katie Pruitt. My last album, The Red Wheelbarrow, was a louder album recorded while on the road across the U.S. with Ken Coomer (Wilco) on drums, Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters) on Hammond organ and others. SeaGreenNumber5 is what happened when I came home from all that touring. It’s searching for home and was recorded in my living room.”

MY TWO CENTS: Like a long-lost collaboration between Paul Westerberg & Jeff Tweedy.