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Classic Album Review: Jejune | R.I.P.

The Boston punk trio's posthumous outing makes it clear they could have gone far.


This album came out back in 2001 (or at least that’s when I got my review copy). Here’s what I said about it then (with some minor editing):


There’s nothing worse than coming across a great new band, only to find that they’ve already broken up. That’s what happened to me with Boston emo-punk trio Jejune.

I’d never heard (or even heard of) them before I unwrapped R.I.P., their tellingly titled third and final release. Naturally, the cruel hand of fate dictates it’s a killer album. Or at least half a killer album — the first five tunes are demos for a disc they never finished. Too bad — these tracks are smashing, with the band pushing beyond emo’s confines into moddish riff-pop (The New State), post-glam alt-rock (Lunatic) and epic, swirling space-age balladry (2000 Miles), complete with superb guitar work and keening, insistent vocals. Next to the garden-variety emo of the rarities and singles that make up the rest of this set, this handful of gems not only make it clear how far Jejune had come, but how far they could have gone. R.I.P., indeed.