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Classic Album Review: Jimmy Eat World | Jimmy Eat World

The Arizona emo stalwarts collect a fan-oriented singles set between album deals.

This album came out back in 2001 (or at least that’s when I got my review copy). Here’s what I said about it then (with some minor editing):


After moving to major-labeldom for a couple of albums — including 1999’s standout Clarity CD — Arizona emo stalwarts Jimmy Eat World are now back in indie-land, at least for the time being.

And while they bide that time, they’ve issued this fan-oriented collection of singles, compilation tracks and other rarities. The cuts run the gamut from thrashy and unrestrained (What Would I Say to You Now, H Model) to dreamy and subliminal (Speed Read, Spangle), although no matter the style, the band’s heartfelt combination of musical power and lyrical passion shines through. A cut above your typical leftovers set, this shows that Jimmy Eat World don’t need a big-label deal to deliver the real deal.