Fokus Serves Up a Treat to Tempt Your Sweet Tooth

The dancehall artist heats up the summer with his enticing new single and video.

Fokus gives into his cravings on his latest single and video Sweet Tooth — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“As a dancehall, reggae and R&B artist looking to make music that will encourage my listeners to dance, I purposely made the concept of Sweet Tooth very simple,” Fokus explains. “Basically, I portray my thoughts and observations of that woman who stands out in the crowd when going to the club, a party/jam, or what West Indians call a fete. In my lyrics, I explain how the woman who stands out in my eyes is one who is very subtle. One who is not trying too hard with her hair and makeup, but one who embraces her natural beauty, and does not care about what others think about her. She is there to enjoy herself, not to be judged or disrespected. This is the type of female I tend to crave for, in all romantic and intimate ways.”

With the beat produced by Yeong Chino, Fokus says he wanted to write a song that would get listeners hyped for savouring the summer season. “I also wanted to instill positivity throughout this pandemic crisis,” Fokus reveals. “It had to be a song that listeners can vibe and dance to within their close circle, and get excited about for the season. There has not been much upbeat music released throughout the past year and a half. Just listen to what’s on the radio. I wanted to write something in terms of my experiences of just starting off my weekend, after that last shift of the week from a day job, heading to a dance party function, and seeing the type of woman I fancy being attracted to.”

Born Luke Uddenberg, Fokus grew up in a musical household to a Jamaican mother and Trinidadian father whose love of reggae, calypso, and pop were instilled early into the musician’s heart. Their blended musical influences left an indelible mark on his creative desires. His clever lyrics, and innate talent for spitting rhymes have gained him the attention and respect. Having spent two years injecting himself into the culture of Latin dance, mastering salsa, bachata, and merengue music, Fokus has become determined more than ever to highlight and showcase the music of the West Indies and Latin America.

Watch Sweet Tooth above, hear more from Fokus below, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagam and TikTok.