Late-Night TV Music (Election Edition) | Nov. 3, 2020

If you have to watch something vaguely political, here's the safest, sanest choice.


I unplugged, listened to music and had a few cocktails last night. I did not watch TV or go online. And aside from steaming services and whatever my PVR is programmed to record, I won’t be watching TV for a while — especially not the American news networks, which will just be a shitshow of speculation, spin and and stupidity until all the dust settles. I strongly suggest you avoid the whole sorry debacle as well, for the sake of your sanity. After all, unless you live in a cave, you’ll hear about what’s going on — there’s no need to torture yourself by maintaining some sort of vigil in front of the tube. But if you must view something vaguely poltical, here’s the safest and sanest option: Arcade Fire debuting their new song Generation A on Stephen Colbert’s Election Night Special on Showtime. Hopefully, that’s something everyone can enjoy. Now go take a walk or something. Seriously.