Late-Night TV Music (International Edition) | July 14, 2020

Fasten your seatbelts and get that tray table upright. It's time to take off.


I suspect that your world, much like mine, has become a lot smaller in the past few months. But you can still travel the globe with the help of late-night TV’s musical segments. Tuesday night’s lineup of performances was truly an international affair — so buckle up, get those tray tables upright and get ready for takeoff:

First up: Late Night With Seth Meyers whisked you away to Iceland to watch rockers Kaleo perform a pared-down acoustic version of Break My Baby while floating in a rowboat on a pond. Then The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon detoured to Nigeria to see Davido to deliver a medley of D&G and Fall from a soundstage apparently inspired by your grandma’s living room. And finally, Jimmy Kimmel Live! (guest-hosted by Whitney Cummings) welcomed fellow Nigerian artist Rema, performing his single Iron Man (nope, not that one) from an undisclosed location. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for flying Tinnitist. We know you have many entertainment options.