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Albums Of The Week: Bala | Maleza

The Spanish duo are out for blood on their dark, relentlessly aggressive third album.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bala are not an ordinary band. Their influences range from the different faces of grunge to the big names of punk or stoner rock. This unique blend of musical landscapes and pan-generational inspirations helped shaping the band in different ways. Throughout their career this pair of Spanish rockers have let themselves become inspired by the music they love, but during the process they have also created something new out of it: their upcoming new album Maleza, which helps shaping the future of alternative rock/metal.

It’s been only six years since Anxela Baltar (guitar and vocals) and Violeta Mosquera (drums and vocals) released their first album Human Flesh, but in this short period of time the band have managed to leave a mark in the rock scene which helped them touring beyond the boundaries of their homeland and making it into the UK, Japan, and Australia. Their impressive live shows even attracted the attention of international festivals such as Stone and Dusted (US) or Rock al Parque (Colombia). Maleza is the followup to their second album Lume (2017), marking a completely new approach for the band, though it was once again recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultramarinos Studios in Barcelona, Spain.”