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Other options: Brain Pulper. Blood Spiller. Soul Eradicator. And Eardrum Buster.


Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to top a title like Dream Squasher (not to mention song titles like Me And The Dog Die Together, Screw Unto Others and Kissing the Choir Boy). Even so, there must been a few alternate handles black-humoured, dark-hearted San Diego sludge-metal vets -(16)- could have used for this eighth album of lumbering momentum and thundering might. Like Skull Masher. Brain Pulper. Blood Spiller. Soul Eradicator. Eardrum Buster. Ass Kicker. Curb Stomper. Silence Buster. Volume Dealer. Subtlety Eraser. Rage Dispenser. Tension Ratcheter. Love Destroyer. Faith Killer. Happiness Defiler. Hope Pulverizer. And of course, Critic Silencer.

THE PRESS RELEASE:-(16)- return with their new album, Dream Squasher. A testament to the power of loss, every moment of Dream Squasher casts the San Diego band into new, deeper depths. “A conscious effort was made to inject positivity into the lyrical themes,” guitarist and lead vocalist Bobby Ferry explains. “The best we could come up with is loving your dog so much, you’d end up killing yourself if the dog dies.” The tragic, violent intent in this expression won’t be lost on listeners either; at any given moment of Dream Squasher, -(16)-’s bouldering guitars crash into one another, set atop equally pulverizing bass and drums. Thunderous riffs express equal parts melancholy and fury. For the first time in the band’s 29-year career, Dream Squasher sees Ferry stepping forward and taking the helm on lead vocals, rounding out the band with both monumental moments of singing and pained screams of pure vitriol. Dream Squasher proves to be -(16)-’s return to form – where riffs dominate and anger reigns supreme.”