Indie Roundup | Nine New Numbers For Your Monday Amusement

Chinofeldy, Billy Conway, Diners, Lacs and more start your week off on the right foot.


Chinofeldy urge you to stay home, Billy Conway calls out the liars, Diners go big time, Jade Hairpins are hopelessly devoted and more in today’s Roundup. Not bad for a Monday.

1 | Chinofeldy | Stay Home

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chinofeldy is the brainchild of Joe Kane and Marco Rea, two of Glasgow’s most prolific songwriter/producers. Designed primarily as a project to keep themselves sane during lockdown, they hope their fun songs and surrealist videos bring some entertainment to anyone willing to watch along the way. With help from psych-folk legend Lavinia Blackwall and a host of fab friends and lovers from around the world, Chinofeldy have crafted a heartfelt anthem for our times. Written and recorded over a weekend in lockdown, Stay Home was realised by bouncing tracks across time and space resulting in a 122-track epic production! Chinofeldy hope to bring some joy & optimism to the masses with this release and all proceeds of the sale of the single on BandCamp (pay what you like!) will be donated to the NHS COVID19 appeal.”

2 | Billy Conway | Listen To The Lyin’

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Maybe you know something about Billy’s life. Maybe you know that he toured the world with Treat Her Right, and rose to fame with Morphine, becoming one of the best known and most respected drummers in American Music. Maybe you know that he’s met everyone from Johnny Cash to Roy Orbison, backed up Bo Diddley, opened for Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Los Lobos. Maybe you know that after Mark Sandman died on stage during a Morphine show in Italy, Billy went home and started producing records at Hi-n-Dry Studios. Maybe you know that Billy moved to rural Montana and started cowboying on a ranch there, helping his partner — the songwriter and performer Laurie Sargent — to run an organic farm at the foot of the Crazy Mountains. Maybe you know Billy has been diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. It’s what they call ‘manageable,’ but it won’t get better. Last winter and spring while Billy was home in Montana — undergoing treatment, walking the fenceline every day, feeding the animals, and sleeping in the same bed for 30 nights in a row for the first time in 30 years — he finally recorded some of the many songs he’s written over the course of his career on the road. The result, Outside Inside, is Billy’s first solo record, and a collection of songs just as wry, deep, beautiful, and simple as the man himself. Today he’s releasing that record into the world as part of a fundraiser to cover medical bills.”

3 | Diners | Big Times

THE PRESS RELEASE:Leisure World (out April 24) is the latest album from singer-songwriter Tyler Blue Broderick, who performs with the project Diners. Not only is it the most eclectic and ambitious album in the songwriter’s (already muscular) catalog to date — it’s one of the catchiest, most realized indie pop records released in years. Like all of their work, Leisure World — which Broderick scrapped and rerecorded several times before landing on an aesthetic they found satisfactory — draws on the most enduring aspects of pop’s past. Its 13 tracks bring to mind the technicolored melodies of ‘60s pop icons like The Beatles and Zombies, the chilled-out pop proficiency of Laurel Canyon legends like Carole King, and the wry, observational story-telling of Jonathan Richman, and, to cite a more recent artist, Jens Lekman.”

4 | Jade Hairpins | (Don’t Break My) Devotion

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Arriving on all shores is (Don’t Break My) Devotion, the new single from Jade Hairpins’ forthcoming album Harmony Avenue. As bandleader Jonah Falco will tell you, it’s a technicolor burst through the plastic age, outlying the exhaustion of bad decisions and failures to communicate, all wrapped up in a cornucopia of bubblegum, new wave, disco, and post-punk. Directed by the band’s Mike Haliechuk, the accompanying music video showcases the London group’s full line-up for the first time (rounded out by Tamsin M Leach and Jack Goldstein) in an absurdly comedic conversation of instructions where meaning and physical language get mismatched and reinterpreted like a body remix of obliterative proportions. Up and down Harmony Avenue, you’ll hear pop foraging with analog acoustics and electronic landscaping. It’s a collection of songs written and recorded in real time by Falco and Haliechuk, members of Fucked Up and the masterminds behind their recent record Dose Your Dreams. In fact, Harmony Avenue was originally conceived as a potential addendum to that album’s universe, but the end result was more exciting than Falco and Haliechuk anticipated and deserved its own spotlight.”

5 | Forged In Black | Palm Of Silver

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The UK’s champions of heavy metal, Forged In Black, unveil their amazing new video for the song Palm Of Silver, taken from the band’s latest album Descent Of The Serpent. Combining performance and narrative to bring to life one of the most dynamic tracks from the Descent Of The Serpent album, you won’t see many videos that come close to matching the atmosphere and pure metal spirit of Palm Of Silver. The band are rightly proud of this new film and bassist Kieron Rochester has sent this message to the Forged In Black fans… “In our second collaboration with Dark North Media, we have produced a visual that we believe matches the haunting melodies of the track. Enjoy the ride. We hope it brings you nothing but good fortune.”

6 | The Lacs | Redneck Roots

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Georgia country rap duo The Lacs are back and have jumped into the wrestling ring for their new music video for Redneck Roots. The video was filmed in Baxley, GA under the watchful eye of directors Crucifix, Matt Trees and Breadwin. There is plenty of action and laughter as these southern country boys take backyard wrestling to a whole new level with their own backwoods twist. “Sitting around reminiscing and telling stories about what it was like growing up is what inspired Redneck Roots and gave us this idea for a wild backyard wrestling video. It’s the type of song that brings a bit of fun and energy to the new album,” said Clay Sharpe. “We just had a lot of fun talking about the good ol’ days and how it made us who we are today.” Redneck Roots is the latest single from The Lacs’ newest album, Rise and Shine, released in October. The album is a 12-pack of country-infused anthems that undoubtedly will become the soundtrack for country lovers everywhere, whether you’re poppin’ a cold beer behind a fishing line or spinning tires on a backroad, there’s nothing like a little shine in your speaker.”

7 | Deathlist | You Won’t Be Here for Long

THE PRESS RELEASE:Deathlist, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jenny Logan, is releasing her fifth album on May 29, called You Won’t Be Here for Long. Dealing with themes of loss, grief and love, the album is a fitting sound for the times — with a brooding and intensely personal sound. Logan says the song is “about the temporariness of everything and how strange it is what we still exist at all.”

8 | Fames | What Do I Call U?

THE PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.-based singers/songwriters/producers and independent artists Fames just released their brand new alt-pop single What Do I Call U? “It’s just about the drastic change someone goes through when a breakup happens and that person you once held so closely is gone. You no longer know what to call them and it feels like calling them “ex” is like crossing them out of your life forever. Musically the chorus came first and once we understood where the song wanted to go it came together quickly. This is by far our favorite song we’ve released as a band.”

9 | DLMT & LöKii | Freak

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto native DLMT returns alongside LöKii via the high-energy bass house single Freak. The single builds off DLMT’s hard-hitting, euphoric brand of house and LöKii’s deep, melodic bass-driven style. The result is a fun collaboration with just the right amount of tension and clamor. Freak is DLMT’s first single of the year, following a prolific 2019 for the rising producer. Collaborating with DLMT is fellow Canadian and former Project 46 member LöKii. His non-stop release of singles since taking his new alias, along with close friendship and guidance from Kaskade, cemented his position as one of the newcomers to keep an eye on.