Arsenal Mills Want You To Cry No More

Charlottetown rockers deliver a high-energy hit of pop-rock straight from the ’80s.

Arsenal Mills dry your tears with a blast of retro-rock nostalgia on their new single and lyric video Cry No More — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the Charlottetown rockers’ forthcoming EP Lovesick & Broke, Cry No More delivers a high-energy hit of infectious pop-rock straight from the glory days of the ’80s. If it were any more authentic-sounding, it would be clad a pastel jacket with shoulderpads and the sleeves rolled up.

From some bands, it might be a calculated cash-in. For Arsenal Mills, it’s just a matter of doing what comes naturally. Singer-guitarist Brad Milligan says the song came together spontaneously and naturally. “Griff (aka lead guitarist Griffen Arsenault) brought this big, sing-along chorus to me that he’d been working on. From there, and in only a short time, we had all the music and lyrics written out.”

It was a hit from the get-go, Arsenault agrees. “I remember everyone in the studio at the time was dancing along to the song while we were recording. We figured that was a good indication of how fun this song is!”

That goes double for bassist and keyboard player André Uyterlinde. “This song has been in my head literally since the day I first heard it,” . “It definitely has that earworm quality; the rhythm is fairly straightforward, but there are a few little cool twists.”

Drummer Josh MacNeil reveals the secret: “As far as drums and percussion go, this was the first time we decided to mix live and sample drums in a song. I love how punchy and quick it is; it doesn’t mess around, and just gets straight to the point. I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out.”

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