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Her Name Was Fire | Decadent Movement

This Lisbon duo nail the sweet spot between stoner-rock and old-school grunge.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With the massive, screaming low-end frequencies of a guitar, the thunderous and fiery rhythms of drums blended with sleazy melodic vocals, Her Name Was Fire arrived in 2016 to shake the foundations of rock and lure the ears of those who dare to cross the path of their demolishing sound waves. Guitarist/vocalist João Campos and drummer Tiago Lopes form a tight groove-rock duo that incorporates stoner, grunge, blues, and progressive rock. Now on the eve of releasing their second album, Her Name Was Fire is regarded as one of the most prominent emerging bands in Portugal. Their 2017 debut Road Antics was called “powerful,” “appealing,” and “gravity-defying” by reviewers. With Decadent Movement out now, there’s nowhere for this band to go but up. “

MY TWO CENTS: “Don’t you like what you see?” the Lisbon duo Her Name Was Alive ask on their sophomore album. Perhaps the more pertinent question would be: Do you like what you hear? And the answer is yes — assuming you want to hear a thunderingly heavy, soaringly anthemic conglomeration of sinister QOTSA-style stoner-rock and dark-hearted OG-grunge a la Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. And if by some chance you don’t care for that, you’re in the minority around these parts.