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Bruce Peninsula | No Earthly Sound

Don't let the title of the eclectic Toronto trio's latest album fool you.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bruce Peninsula live and work in Toronto. Active since 2006, they have returned in 2020 with No Earthly Sound, a new LP that searches for answers through psych-infused rock, folk hymns, and the communal spirit of collaboration. Songwriters Matt Cully, Neil Haverty and Misha Bower each lead tracks here, shifting protagonists as the record plays through. Co-Produced with Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Fucked Up) in studios and country houses throughout Ontario, No Earthly Sound features contributions from 23 musicians and singers, collectively aimed towards a sound that’s rhythmic, hymnal, and emphatic. This incarnation of Bruce Peninsula aims to keep moving, reflecting on personal and spiritual questions through an exploration of epic sound.”

MY TWO CENTS: Don’t let the title fool you. The sounds on Bruce Peninsula’s third album are decidedly and unquestionably earthly. They’re just not the sort of sounds you might expect to hear from a trio of white musicians from Ontario. Unless, that is, you expect to hear a magnificently crafted roster of soaring gospel blues, muscular southern soul, propulsive Afrobeat and hypnotic, percussively layered grooves that wouldn’t be out of place on Talking HeadsRemain in Light. No fooling.