Late-Night TV Music (Terrible Tuesday Edition) | March 3, 2020

Victoria Monet and Bad Bunny keep the crappiness coming with some truly bad antics.

I have to give the late-night TV music overlords some grudging respect. When they start something, they stick with it. Even when it’s this week’s rapidly emerging theme: Unadulterated crap. After a Monday plagued with mediocrity, last night brought us a terrifyingly terrible Tuesday. Look no further than Victoria Monet, dripping in gold lamé and writhing around the dry ice-enveloped Jimmy Kimmel Live stage with a shirtless male dancer in some absurdly choreographed, Prince-inspired, metaphorically sexual pas de deux that served as a performance of her single Moment. What could be dumber and more ridiculous than that? Well, that would have to be Bad Bunny delivering his number Pero Ya No while clad in a Charizard onesie on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Yes, I know the song includes a Pokemon reference. But no, that’s still no excuse for the goddamn Crocs. At this rate, I can only fear what the rest of the week may bring. But hey, nobody put a gun to my head and made me write about this stuff. I agreed to do it voluntarily. So really, who’s the stupid one?