Raygun Carver Visits Saint James Infirmary

The Washington singer-songwriter takes on the blues classic in his latest release.

Raygun Carver spends some time in Saint James Infirmary on his gritty, grim new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The singer-songwriter’s revamp of the timeless blues original strips back the song to allow the spotlight to linger on the storytelling, zooming in on the darker side of the narrative and focusing on the narcissistic tendencies of the narrator. “There are so many versions of Saint James Infirmary, but very few captured what I thought were the darker aspects of the song,” Carver says. “Like how even when viewing the body of his lover at the infirmary, his thoughts turn to himself.”

The third preview of Carver’s upcoming album Ghost Inside — an album recorded inside a haunted house in Port Angeles, Washington — Saint James Infirmary follows the previously released singles Ghost Inside and Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be. Both tracks take listeners on an emotional journey through time and space, highlighting Raygun Carver’s profound musical journey, layering blues, jazz, and Americana into a tapestry of sound that is as rich as it is compelling. Ghost Inside was mixed and produced by Rob Wollam and mastered by Greg Abate and will be released on Dec. 14.

Carver is a singer-songwriter from the Pacific Northwest, known for his distinctive compositional approach and ingenuity in experimenting with pastiche musical blends. Carver first entered the music scene in 2020 with his debut album Moon Fields Yawning, and has since continued to captivate audiences with his distinct sound and storytelling prowess across an EP and string of singles. Carver’s music career has been marked by a dedication to crafting intricate soundscapes that blend diverse genres while maintaining an unbreakable focus on engaging narratives and evocative instrumentation. Ghost Inside, promises to further demonstrate this boundless creativity and versatility, expanding these sensibilities into a sophomore release.

Check out Saint James Infirmary above, sample more from Raygun Carver below, and see if you can scare him up on his website and Facebook.