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Jayeman Puts Himself Out There

The prolific Indiana rapper introduced a new alter-ego on his latest dynamic album.

Jayeman makes a name for himself in more ways than one with his new self-titled album — a darkly captivating and emotionally expansive release showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Capping a prolific year that saw the release of no less than seven  singles, the hard-working Indiana rapper born Jacob Johnson has delivered another musical and career milestone with his latest full-length The Jayeman. Released on Christmas Day, the 10-track set offers a compelling musical narrative highlighted by two standout tracks — Run Away and Livin’ Dangerous (ft. Bizarre and D Monnzy) — that highlight Jayeman’s maturing artistry and lyrical prowess.

Blending squelchy bass synths, a head-nodding groove and ringing guitar arpeggios, Run Away is a personal anthem that embodies Jayeman’s yearning to leave his hometown in pursuit of greater opportunities, painting a vivid picture of aspirations and the pursuit of dreams beyond familiar horizons.

Meanwhile, the ominously gritty Livin’ Dangerous — a collaboration with the esteemed D Monnzy and the former D12 member Bizarre — unveils Jayeman’s new alter ego Smokey Jaye. The track delivers a gripping horrorcore theme, showcasing a darker, more intricate side of Jayeman’s artistry while elevating the storytelling prowess that distinguishes his music.

Hailing from Anderson, Indiana, Jayeman’s latest album represents a culmination of his artistic evolution and commitment to pushing boundaries within the rap genre. The album’s thematic depth and diverse soundscapes underscore his ability to captivate with his distinct style and thought-provoking storytelling. That’s no accident; Jayeman aimed to craft an album that not only showcases his versatility as an artist but also resonates on a deeper, more personal level even as it transcends creative boundaries.

Jayeman’s own musical story began at a young age, writing lyrics and performing for friends in high school. He began making music professionally at 18 years old and hasn’t looked back. Since his first recordings and performances, he has sought to create quality tracks with a unique, distinctive sound while remaining as authentic as he can.

Listen to The Jayeman below, watch the video for album track This Love above, and follow Jayeman on TikTok and Instagram.