The Grindhouse | Degenerator, TTFA, Mr. Bison & More New Loudness

If our wonderful world has taught us anything lately, it’s that Frank Zappa was absolutely goddamn right: The meek shall inherit nothing. The loud, on the other hand, will always get their way. And they don’t come any louder than these disgruntled customers. Submit of face the consequences:


Degenerator | Neurotonic

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Degenerator are an aggressive musical powerhouse based in Edmonton. Their sound combines the genres of post-grunge, stoner rock, and doom into a captivating and relentless fusion. Comprised of just two musicians — Barrett Klesko and Jonathan Webster — who have already garnered international acclaim, they are demonstrating their musical prowess with their debut album The Abyssal Throne. The second single Neurotonic takes heavy music fans deep into a unique and intriguing soundscape full of fresh energy and innovation. Klesko comments: “Loss haunts our hearts. We must cherish our loved ones. Before they are gone. I always strive for stirring emotion, while revealing a glimpse of a mystical hidden depth. This music came from investigations of my connection with both the material and ethereal worlds, and I hope this ignites a similar reflection in others.”

TTFA | Corrosive Form

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Unleashing their latest and sixth full-length Kill.Bury.Repeat, Kansas City’s Torn The Fuck Apart are treating fans to their latest video for the brutal track Corrosive Form. The band explain: “Corrosive Form is a song about the disposal of a body through a chemical reaction. A song inspired by the serial killer John Robinson aka Slavemaster; a serial killer, con man, embezzler, kidnapper, and forger who was found guilty in 2003 for three murders committed in and around the Kansas City area. On a farm in Kansas, a task force found the decaying bodies of two women in two chemical drums. Across the state line in Missouri, investigators searched a storage facility where Robinson rented two garages. They found three similar chemical drums containing corpses.”

Mr. Bison | Child Of The Night Sky

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Tuscany’s heavy psych rock pillars Mr. Bison will release their fifth album Echoes From The Universe on Feb. 16. Get propelled into space with new single Child of the Night Sky now. About the album they say: “The theme of Echoes From The Universe is the attempt, as human and temporal beings, to escape the idea of an alleged destiny predetermination by managing to build one’s own individual life path through willpower. Its concept is based on the myth of the Norse Norns, who weave the threads of universal destiny on a tapestry, in which all existence, in a continuous mix of past, present, and future, intersect and influence each other, thereby generating a kaleidoscopic vortex of infinite and unpredictable possibilities. For this reason, we have used them as a symbol of freedom of choice, which never excludes but indeed implies, the element of chance.”

Ritual Earth | Through The Interstellar Medium

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The next chapter of the Turned To Stone split series features U.S. and Italian doom and psych metal purveyors Ritual Earth and Kazak. It is due Jan. 12. Stream the first track Through The Interstellar Medium now. This ninth chapter builds an towering wall of sound, bringing Philadephia monolithic merchants Ritual Earth and Italian psych-doom duo Kazak to the forefront for a dark and enthralling sonic experience. Ritual Earth’s progressive sound lends itself to complex lyrical themes and heavy use of emotions and symbolism. Say the band: “We explored introspection and dove much deeper into personal and darker issues with our unconscious minds to practice spotting our inner shadows. The death of a rival, relapsing and overcoming addiction, navigating the complexities, experiences, and challenges in our lives and the changing world around us are all topics you will find intertwined throughout these three songs.”

High Priestess | Bad Moon Rising

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bad Moon Rising is the third single off Burn On The Bayou: A Heavy Underground Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival, featuring 32 bands and due Dec. 8. Following the release of Bone Church’s electric cover of Fortunate Son and Kabbalah’s occult and heavy take on Sailor’s Lament, the L.A. trio High Priestess embrace the darker side of Bad Moon Rising with a witchy rendition that interweaves Mariana Fiel’s hypnotic vocals with down-tuned guitars and delicate organs, as the trio lay their unique doom imprint on this timeless CCR favorite.”

Raised By Haze | Burn It Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “To celebrate the release of their debut full-length Touch The Sky, the Italian progressive quartet Raised By Haze share the album’s third single Burn It Up.​ ​”From the first chords, Burn It Up aims to break the mold and inspire listeners to cast off the chains that tether us to our fears and limitations. “Burn It Up started with a simple arpeggio that evolved into the powerful riff driving the entire song,” explains guitarist Gabriele Robotti. “The first chorus is intentionally obsessive in rhythm, mirroring the feeling of being stuck, while the second chorus introduces a fresh rhythmic perspective, symbolizing the breaking of chains. This song was also our first-ever recording, this track began the initiation of a collaboration that has grown into something truly special.”

Foetal Juice | Grotesque

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Prepare to be horrified as England’s Foetal Juice dive into a myriad of sick and twisted topics on their latest release Grotesque. This is the ninth instalment in their disgusting and deranged discography that has been swelling like an abscess since 2005. It’s a relentless barrage of blast beats, horror and gore that will have you questioning your sanity. On Grotesque, the band blends the harsh nuances of grindcore, death and black metal, infusing them with inescapably high-quality musicianship and endearingly insalubrious lyrics, to produce superior, revolting extreme metal, and an audial experience akin to the pleasure of perforating a throbbing, rancid boil; immensely satisfying and intensely disgusting. They comment: “We really wanted to push our abilities as far as we could with this one by introducing speeds and techniques we haven’t used in the past. I think overall we have accomplished this and even added other elements such as the intro to the last song. It’s a route we have never taken before but it has turned out really well. We are very happy with the results.”

Hyperia | The Serpent’s Cycle

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Get ready to have your face blown off with the latest thrash attack from Canada’s Hyperia. Their third full-length The Serpent’s Cycle marks a new era for them, boasting some of the most aggressive thrash metal they’ve ever written, complemented with plenty of melodic vocals and guitar work. It consists of everything Hyperia stands for — shred, speed, and intricacy — and will definitely catch the attention of musicians and non-musicians alike. Hyperia share their excitement: “This is the first album we’ve released that isn’t much of a concept album like our first two. This album deals with different lyrical ideas such as the human condition, philosophy, psychology, partying, and much more. Musically this album is insanely aggressive, technical, and fast. We have some of the fastest songs we’ve ever written on this album and during recording, we were all definitely pushed to, and sometimes past, our limits.”

Cabrakaän | Aztlán

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Cabrkaaän were formed in 2011 by drummer Marko Cipäktli and vocalist Pat Cuikani, who are both from Toluca, Mexico, and are currently based in Canada. They work with indigenous Mexican artists to incorporate authentic pre-Hispanic instruments like ocarinas, flutes, percussion instruments, and more in their dramatic, melodic music. Their latest work is Aztlán, a thematic album with 12 tracks that each represent a different facet of their cultural story. The theme is centered on the Spanish conquest, colonization and the defeat of Mexico’s Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán. “This album is incredibly close to our hearts, and we hope that you can hear it,” they say. “It’s a part of us. It represents our perseverance to continue onward with our music despite countless challenges and setbacks. It gave us the opportunity to create something important and beautiful and to share a piece of our culture with the world. We hope you find something in our music that resonates with you. Our hearts and souls are intertwined with Aztlán. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve created.”

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