The Grindhouse | Margaritas Podridas, The Obsessed & More New Barbarism

If the music world seems a little quieter this week, no wonder: Between spring break and SXSW, there aren’t a lot of people left holding down the fort, you know? Except me, of course. I’m right where I belong: Slaving away in the grindhouse. Let’s get to work:


Margaritas Podridas | Agujas

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Shoegaze/grunge/punk rockers Margaritas Podridas are back with a new track that emphasizes lack of individuality in modern society and is a nod to the herd mentality and brainwashing which has led to an all-time high of cosmetic procedures. The quartet, fronted by Carolina Enriquez, have been steadily rising to punk rock stardom, grabbing attention left and right with their raucous anthems of rebellion and statement-making stage presence. “Agujas (Needles in English) is our newest song,” Enriquez says. “It was composed and written by Rafael and me and it’s about being brainwashed. We really like pointy things so the name came first; it was Rafa’s idea, and the concept came after watching a short film together about lobotomy procedures.”

The Obsessed | Stoned Back To The Bomb Age

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “To celebrate the beginning of their spring tour, Maryland’s godfathers of heavy The Obsessed share their new video for Stoned Back to the Bomb Age, taken from their latest album Gilded Sorrow. Fronted by legendary guitarist and vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich, the return of The Obsessed after a seven-year absence also marks the expansion of the lineup to a four-piece. More aggressive, straightforward and downright mean than ever before, their latest album was described by Wino as “the heaviest thing I’ve ever done”, and already left its indelible mark on the 2024 heavy music landscape.”

Supermodel Taxidermy | Lipstick

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Supermodel Taxidermy, the dynamic force in thrash metal and hardcore punk from Fort McMurray, aim to blow minds with Lipstick, the latest video single from their upcoming second album At What Cost, scheduled for release in May. The album promises an exhilarating fusion of intense guitar hooks, heavy drums, catchy bass lines, and thought-provoking lyrics that will entice metal enthusiasts around the globe. They share their thoughts on the upcoming album: “The record is intense. Our singing stops right about the time we want to have a look into the mosh pit on the floor, but even those parts have heavy riffs. We don’t leave much room for separating the two, they drive each other. The first record has elements of a hardcore punk album with metal scattered all over it. Our new record is a thrash metal album that kept a lot of its punk rock elements.”

Abrams | Fire Waltz

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Denver’s heavy rock stalwarts Abrams unleash their fiery new single Fire Waltz. Striking like a thunderstorm on the Colorado plains, Fire Waltz charges ahead at full volume with its ardent riffing and powerhouse vocal melodies. Propelled by an enveloping groove, Abrams fire up on all cylinders, poised to conquer the hearts of heavy music fans across the scene. Guitarist and vocalist Zachary Amster says: “I didn’t think this song would make the record, yet it turned out really great in the studio, with some of my favorite guitar tones on the album. The second verse is a standout to me, with its ethereal trippy guitar lead and memorable vocal melody singing ‘haunted idols’. When we added this to the song, it definitely made it a game-changer.”

The Plot In You | Don’t Look Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ohio powerhouse The Plot In You have released their crushingly heavy banger Don’t Look Away, along with a video. Prior to today, the band released Closure, which is climbing the charts and rising into the Top 40 at active rock radio. Both tracks can be found on the band’s forthcoming EP Vol. 2, out on Friday, May 3. Vocalist Landon Tewers shares: “Don’t Look Away is a collection of thoughts and feelings about the human experience living in our current world. Dealing with one’s personal convictions and strife while comparing the suffering of others.”

Stormborn | Serpentine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The slithering earworms of Stormborn’s power metal are presented in their video for the single Serpentine, off their forthcoming album Zenith, due in April. Serpentine is a roaring power metal anthem inspired by The Liveship Traders, a trilogy of fantasy novels by American author Robin Hobb. The song is about a ship possessed by the soul of a dragon and features a guest solo from one-time guitarist Dan Smith and showcases the band firing on all cylinders with its high-flying chorus. Hailing from Kent, U.K., Stormborn draw inspiration from metal titans like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio, but still blaze a unique trail of their own in heavy metal, crafting a sound that fuses classic elements with bold, modern innovation.”

Thalia | The River Of Books

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Thalia set forth on a sonic adventure with the title track from their new album The River Of Books. The single heralds the return of the French cult quartet’s latest offering — a new album infused with progressive hard rock vibes. After two decades in the making, Thalia’s new album The River Of Books is slated for April 26. Following the success of their 2000 debut album Forest of Minds, Thalia’s latest opus it’s a culmination of two decades of musical maturity and evolution. ​The River Of Books is a unique compendium of emotions and groove, seamlessly blending hard rock power with a progressive edge. Influences ranging from Rush, King’s X, Dream Theater and Living Colour to The Police and Muse are skillfully digested, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and avant-garde​.”

Glassing | Nothing Touches You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy veterans Glassing have unleashed Nothing Touches You, an inimitable cacophony of post-rock euphoria and blackened metal fury lifted from the band’s fourth album From The Other Side of the Mirror, due April 26. Born of Austin’s underground musical melting pot, Glassing erupted onto the scene in 2017 with punishing drums, searing angular feedback and frontman/bassist Dustin Coffman’s sandpaper screams setting out to redefine the idea of heavy music to better reflect increasingly heavy times. Having overcome every grisly obstacle in their path, 2022 saw the band enlist formidable drummer Scott Osment (Deaf Club, Planet B) who bolsters Coffman’s gut-punching basslines and provides the perfect foil for guitarist Cory Brim’s razor-sharp playing style.”

Midnight | Expect Total Hell

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Hellish Expectations, the newest offering from Cleveland’s favorite filth metal alchemists Midnight, is out now. Dirty, hostile, and alluringly obnoxious, Midnight make music to start fights to. One-man-army Athenar has been churning out an ungodly racket, dropping countless demos, splits, and EPs and ultimately slaying the metal/punk underground with his own addictive brand of lust, grime, and sleaze for over two decades. And in 2024 he’s back with the band’s sixth full-length, the blackened heavy metal rumblings of Hellish Expectations. “It’s a knuckle-dragger with a fat cutoff,” notes Athenar. “Probably the most concise and straight to the point Midnight album to date, and all written in a weekend.”