Leon Rosen Hopes You Follow Him Home

The S.F. pop-rocker fuses sweet nostalgia with modern beats and arrangements.

Leon Rosen invites you to tag along in his new single Follow Me Home — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The indie pop-rockers’ infectious and gritty new track marries a love for 1970s piano singer-songwriters with contemporary indie rock and electronic music. The result is a recording that exudes a sweet, nostalgic vibe combined with modern beats and arrangements.

Follow Me Home kicks off with grungy guitars and Leon’s captivating vocals before evolving into an energetic, gritty track with an upbeat feel, centred around the theme of discovering romance in a city no longer yours. For listeners who appreciate Death Cab For Cutie and The Strokes, Rosen crafts a unique fusion of happy-sounding melodies with poignant lyricism, exuding a throwback charm harmonised with homegrown and polished production — a track that resonates with indie, pop-rock, and everything in between.

Leon’s family is a testament to creativity. His father Hesh Rosen was a prolific painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and actor, and his mother transitioned from belly dancing to investigative journalism. At just 15, Leon performed his first concert as a singer-songwriter, paving the way for his musical journey, although the response was “have someone else sing.” He focused his talents on the piano and honed his craft.

At 18, tragedy struck with the loss of his father, but Leon found solace in a new artist community. By 19, he composed the music for the Ishtar opera, performed at the Burning Man Festival before an audience of 20,000. Back in San Francisco, Leon delved into the indie scene, recording his Let Me Cool EP at the renowned studio Tiny Telephone. His path crossed with Cody Hamilton, who eventually became Leon’s producer.

In 2018, Rosen released Grieving Friend Of A Superman, a single from Let Me Cool, accompanied by a stop-motion music video. The track amassed a combined 400,000 streams, setting the stage for his subsequent releases, Then Again in 2020 and Café Dogs in 2022, each earning notable attention and building a foundation of unreleased content pitched to indie labels.

Check out Follow Me Home above, hear more from Leon Rosen below, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.