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Now Hear This: Lovesick | Hoping This Is The End

The duo's debut disc delivers dreamy nostalgia — with a hint of sleazy decadence.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Lovesick have arrived with their full-length project Hoping This Is The End, hoping to entice an audience with a sound that combines a summertime haze with a hardened outlook.

Across the nine-track, 20-minute runtime, the band showcase gorgeous songwriting that combines a wide range of influences that span decades of the music industry. This leads to a final culmination nothing short of pioneering, whilst still capturing the dreamy nostalgia that we all crave as listeners. The project is cohesive, flowing and engaging, and gets audiences excited for what may come next for Lovesick.

In addition to this, the new version of their lead single Holiday – Sunglasses Version, gets a boost with some masterful guitar by Terry Palmer and keeps the absent-minded breeze that was featured in the original track. This time, however, we get a rose-tinted view of the world, with summertime flare and surf-rock longing that puts the song in a totally new context.

With Goolkasian and Heather Joy Morgan both showing off their vocal talents, as is standard for the band, we get a fanciful storytelling feeling, paired with bouncy electric guitars and drums. It’s a track that will be caught in your head long after the first listen.

Lovesick is here to create beautiful sounds out of the chaos we all live in,” they say. “Combining the romanticism of the new wave with the power and drive of post-punk and anything in between.”

Lovesick are made up of Goolkasian (The Elevator Drops) and Morgan, providing listeners with unique and emotionally charged vocals blended in new, innovative and authentic ways. With tracks laced in love, their sound is a light and dark electro-cabaret featuring guitars by Adam Wade (Funeral Party) and Palana (Palana vs The Man).”

Listen to Hoping This Is The End below and find Lovesick on their website and Facebook.