Under The Rocks | Honest Try: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Kelowna bluegrassers' new single delivers the sweetest pep talk you'll ever hear.

Under The Rocks urge you to make an Honest Try in their inspiring new acoustic single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The title cut from the B.C. bluegrass quartet’s upcoming sophomore album, Honest Try delivers the sweetest and sincerest pep talk you’ll ever hear. As a guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro and bass delicately and artfully dance around and with each other, singer Chris Baxter gently voices a mellow ode to chasing your dreams instead of just settling for a paycheque:

“OK, I’ll take a risk and find out what it’s worth
I’ll put my best foot forward, I’ll button up my shirt
And if it all falls hard and breaks apart maybe I’ll cry
But at least I gave an honest try.”

Truth and commitment are exactly what you can count on from this Kelowna quartet, who have emerged from the rolling hills and lakes of their hometown to become one of Canada’s premier bluegrass bands. Featuring acoustic guitar (Jordan Klassen), fiddle (Chloe Davidson), banjo and mandolin (Baxter), and upright bass (Nils Loewen), Under The Rocks make a big sound that tips its cap to tradition — updated with inventive arrangements, emotive instrumental breaks and powerful harmonies. Their shows commonly feature dancing, laughter, joyful hoots and hollers and serene moments accompanied by tears and tranquil sighs of release or appreciation.

Due in February, their new LP will put their varying sensibilities on full display as it ranges through upbeat bluegrass, eclectic fiddle tunes and thoughtful ballads with philosophical musings. The group recorded it all over seven days in the studio with their esteemed producer and prominent Canadian musician Andrew Collins. The record also features Collins on mandolin, along with the dobro of Miles Zurawell. The result is a recording that offers something for everyone as it boasts high-calibre lyricism, musicianship and production.

Watch the video for Honest Try above, hear more from Under The Rocks above, and give them a shot on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


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