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Indie Roundup (One & Done Edition) | The Only Video You Need Today

Colourful little blobs of dancing protoplasm are the real stars of this show.


Can you have a Roundup with just one entry? You can when the clip is as awesome as this one. So let’s skip all the yappy lip-flappy and cut right to the goodness, shall we? We shall.

1 Some videos don’t do justice to the songs they accompany. Others are a perfect fit. And on very rare occasions, a video elevates an otherwise-decent song into something you end up hearing over and over, just to watch the clip. This is one of those times. Nothing against Montreal electro-pop artist Peter (Homeshake) Sagar and his enchanting low-impact groover Nothing Could Be Better, but the real stars of this show are the dancing blobs of colourful protoplasm featured in the mesmerizing must-see animated video. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sagar says the song is about how “sometimes on the way to a social function you gotta ditch and hang out with your sweetie instead because love is beautiful.” While video director Steve Smith “tried really hard [to capture] the dancing” in the animated clip.” Mission accomplished, dude.


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