Doug MacNaughton Proudly Proclaims: I Believe in Love

The singer-songwriter insists love is all you need on his romantic new single.

Doug MacNaughton keeps the faith (and hearts the ’80s) in his romantic new allad and video I Believe In Love — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The sixth single from the Toronto singer-songwriter’s new debut album Old Enough To Know Better, I Believe in Love is a heartfelt testament to the notion that love can get us through anything. Written in 2018 but expressing a timeless sentiment, the track showcases MacNaughton’s big heart and ability to compose with cinematic flair. “Somehow,” MacNaughton jokes, “It turned into an ’80s power ballad!”

On Old Enough To Know Better, MacNaughton ties together eight tracks with one message: Human connection and our hearts are our best compasses to navigate loneliness, loss and our divisive political climate. With I Believe In Love, he defend the power of the heart with lyrics such as:

“Love is stronger than distance.
Stronger than time,
Not bound by this red tape,
Or these forms we’ve got to sign.”

Born and raised in Brandon, MacNaughton’s musical life began in school bands and choirs, but it was the discovery of Mike Oldfield’s groundbreaking 1973 album Tubular Bells that ignited his deep interest in music. “I loved it that the same person played all the instruments,” he remembers. “I still have that same admiration for people like Joni Mitchell, Cassandra Wilson, Garth Hudson, John Paul Jones, and the list could go on.”

Driven by a desire to become a distinguished jazz-rock guitarist in the vein of Frank Zappa, Steve Howe or John McLaughlin, MacNaughton faced a pivotal choice between classical guitar and vocal studies in university. He chose the latter, but continues to pursue his musical aspirations with an unwavering commitment to artistic versatility. His songwriting is a product of his wide range of professional experiences, including his involvement in a Zappa tribute concert, his time in Les Misérables, and his creative contributions to numerous stage productions.

Watch the video for I Believe In Love above, check out Old Enough To Know Better below and join Doug MacNaughton on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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