C Z A R I N A | The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song): Exclusive Premiere

The Brooklyn electro artist readies for battle with her epic upgrade of the Zep classic.

C Z A R I N A wields the hammer of the goddess in her epic upgrade of Led Zeppelin’s classic Immigrant Song — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest boundary-pushing single from the Brooklyn-based electro-rock singer-songwriter and producer, The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song) finds C Z A R I N A retooling the iconic rock track with a striking blend of swaggering power and majestic drama. Fusing retro-futurist synths reminiscent of ’80s films such as Tron, Blade Runner and Flash Gordon with progressive modern rock thru giant distorted guitars and heart-thumping drums, she creates a rich, vibrant sonic landscape to support her unmistakable, hyper-dynamic vocal range.

“According to Norse mythology, Valkyries are the female hosts who usher the souls of the brave warriors to Valhalla to aid the gods in preparation for the Ragnarök: A series of events and a great battle that will determine the fate of the universe,” C Z A R I N A says, explaining the genre-shifting title of her cover — and its timely message. “The world as it stands now is facing our very own and very real Ragnarök: A sobering reality that is affecting all humanity, regardless of race, religion, background and location.

“The Valkyries now call for unity amongst all the brave warriors and for all forces to rise, armor up and draw out their mighty swords. We have a real battle to fight. It is a battle that will test our abilities to maintain wellness not only in physical forms, but also the expanse of our emotional, mental, spiritual, and intellectual capacities. For the first time, everyone in this world is united, all aboard a singular vessel. Our unity and our response to crisis determines our real qualities and who we truly are as humans. We will remember this period not by its outcome, but by how we usher ourselves and each other through in strength, in kindness, in love, in fealty and respect for all humanity as a whole.”

A seasoned musician and creative professional inspired by her love for futurist culture, cyberpunk, ’80s tech noir, mecha robots, martial arts and Japanese Animes, C Z A R I N A (aka Vero Faye Kitsuné) has created a distinctively compelling, artistic universe that is a true fusion of her unique strengths in both visual and musical artistry. Her eclectic list of musical and visionary influences include Vangelis, John Carpenter, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Bjork, The Black Queen, The Cranberries, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Queen, Debbie Harry, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and Siouxie Sioux.

Dabbling with atmospheric synths and lush cinematic tones, C Z A R I N A takes her audience into a smoke-filled, neon-lit dimension, with vivid, picturesque and poignant lyricism, sonic guitars, catchy melodies and powerful vocal hooks which are all signature to her unique soundscape. Painted Holograms, her critically acclaimed debut nine-track masterwork LP, was released in 2018, landing her several top placements in the year’s Best Artists lists. In 2019, Tinnitist premiered her video game-inspired, bushido cyberpunk chanbara music film, BLAZE: Dances of the Yokai (watch it HERE). The film, which she wrote with her creative partner DeadlyKawaii and co-directed with Deliris Films (Spain), quickly earned a series of eminent accolades, winning Best Music Video at the New York Film Awards, along with her self-produced title track Blaze winning Best Original Song at Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles.

Ride into battle with The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song) above, listen to her recent remix LP Decoded below, and keep up with C Z A R I N A and her evolving musical projects via her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.