Sonia Aimy Takes It Easy In Life Nah Jeje

The Toronto artist reminds us to enjoy life and appreciate our time on this Earth.

Sonia Aimy finds balance and celebrates the little things in her new single and video Life Nah Jeje — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Life Nah Jeje uses smooth basslines and sultry soprano saxophone riffs intertwined with Afrobeat grooves to remind us to enjoy life and appreciate the beauty and spirit of our time on this Earth. “This song is inspired by my desire to take life as easy as possible after living such a frenetic life over several years,” the Nigerian-born Toronto artist explains. “We all need that moment to reconcile with ourselves, to review ourselves including our life, what we have done, where we are now and where we wish to be next.

“This processing moment about ourselves makes us realize so many things about us, about everything around us and to accept the fact that we really need to take it easy with life because life does not take it easy with us. It can take us whenever it wants whereas we are nothing but little messengers who must take it easy to understand the essence and beauty of life. It is not how far, not how much you do, but how well you understand and appreciate every bit and essence of what it takes to live a beautiful life until our call time!”

The accompanying video underlines the message effectively. With an overarching theme of travel being cut-off completely and a transition to life in quarantine, Aimy delivers an inspiring visual performance with a warm and optimistic aura despite the seriousness of the consequences of the pandemic.

Watch Life Nah Jeje above, hear more from Sonia Aimy below and connect with her at her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.