Valentina Cherico Is Ready To Dance Until The Sunrise — With Aliens!

The ascendant popster finds music is the universal language in her latest video.

Valentina Cherico has a close encounter of the groovy kind in her new single and video Dance Until The Sunrise — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Hitting the sweet spot between classic disco, funk and pop, the U.S. singer-songwriter’s new party anthem was created in the comfort of her home — with help from her father Mickey Cherico, some additional vocals from the family band, and solid production by The Vault Recording Studio in Pittsburgh.

Valentina elevates the fun record with a music video that, “shows a crowd of people dancing and having fun in a Studio 54 and Soul Train setting — at which point, aliens from space crash the party. Everyone is terrified, and then the aliens feel the beat of the music and start to dance, signalling to everyone that music is a universal language! My hope is that my song will connect with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds… to all come together through the power and love of music and dance.”

A native of Pittsburgh with a musical family, Cherico grew up watching her father and older sister perform in their group Casanova. Not surprisingly, she eventually joined the family business. But from a young age, Cherico also had an interest in acting, attending a performing arts school before appearing in musicals. She recorded her first original song, There’s No Stopping Me, with Grammy-nominated, award-winning producer Roy Hamilton III in 2021. She followed that with the tracks Lifted Me, Believe In Yourself and Teach Me How To Love Again.

Her music signature style draws influence from Selena Quintanilla, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera. Valentina’s primary music objective is “to create music that “moves, heals and lifts” people. Currently, she is being streamed in more than 89 countries.

Watch the video for Dance Until The Sunrise above, sample more music from Valentina Cherico below, and find her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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