Minna Ora Takes You By Storm

The Finnish singer-songwriter speaks truth to power in her new single and video.

Minna Ora stands up an overpowering Storm of oppression in her defiant new single and video — showcasing on Tinnitist.

With a song that fearlessly explores the intricate layers of human nature, delving into themes of selfishness, greed, and the misuse of power, the Finnish artist, singer, guitarist, and composer crafts a compelling musical delivery that effortlessly draws listeners into the depths of her work. She invests her heart and energy into Storm, featuring nail-biting riffs, soulful vocals and a seamless blending of sounds.

The song’s journey begins with Minna’s mother reciting a poignant Finnish poem penned by Minna’s grandmother, inspired by their family’s experiences during the Second World War. Storm masterfully weaves history into its narrative, evoking a profound sense of the past, collective sorrow and melancholy. The poignant question lingers: Will we ever learn from our past?

Despite the weighty subject matter, Minna’s message is neither somber nor cynical. With a resolute yet compassionate voice, she sings: “Hear me shout, listen to me, I will not just break down at your feet… I won’t surrender, I won’t give in.” These lyrics emphasize that responding to injustices with further injustices is not the solution. It’s a brilliant encapsulation of profound wisdom packaged in an impactful musical offering.

Watch the video for Storm — featuring five generations of Minna’s family — above, hear more from Minna Ora below, and find her on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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